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At a personal level, sporting activities are critical to my daily life. These activities are not only a routine that keeps me in shape, but also a career-driving path that is both inspirational and motivational…
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Sports life experience
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Sports Life Experience Sports constitute an important part in the life of an individual. At a personal level, sporting activities are critical to my daily life. These activities are not only a routine that keeps me in shape, but also a career-driving path that is both inspirational and motivational. Over the years, I have had diverse sports experience. This diversity has broadened both my physical potential and success in sports. My sports life experience cuts across swimming, shooting, horse riding, playing soccer, and bodybuilding.
Swimming is a physically engaging activity that I have practiced for one year now. My interest in swimming was inspired by my family. Even before I became a swimmer, swimming was a leisure activity that brought part of my family together whenever they needed an enjoyable time out. Today, swimming is one of the many sports I enjoy with or without the notion of leisure or a family time out. In other words, swimming continues to define my sporting personality.
Another key experience that I have in sports is shooting. In this sporting activity, I have one-year experience. When I started shooting, I was confident that I would progressively develop my amateur shooting skills. Over the course of the one year, I became a first learner and quickly raised my bar beyond that of an amateur. Today, my experience in shooting is outstanding one year on. Shooting as a sporting activity enables me to switch from one activity to another, thus eliminating monotony in my sports life.
More diversity in my sports life experience is reflected in horse riding. In this sport, I have one-year experience. Before I started horse riding, I was looking for a sport that would redefine my ability, potential, and risk-taking perspective. The idea was to engage in a sport that would further test my agility. My one year experience in horse riding has been exceptional in the sense that it capitalizes on my optimistic perception and approach to life.
My experience in sports has had its long-term aspect as well. I have over four years’ experience in bodybuilding and at least five years’ experience in soccer. In the body building practice, I am driven by the need to stay healthy, in shape, to work with other experts in this field, and ultimately to build a competitive platform for my sporting expertise. Every day challenges the previous day, but this is the factor that enhances my skills and experience in sports especially in bodybuilding.
Finally yet importantly, I play an active role in soccer. This sport is common and famous globally, an aspect that makes me connect and identify with diverse players from all over the world. My experience in soccer is both intensive and extensive. Over the course of the said five years, I have been a learner, a coach, and a player. This combination has enhanced my participation in soccer and subsequently advanced my skills and experience in that regard. The diversity, success, and experience in my sports life constitute a valuable asset that defines my individual sporting personality. Read More
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