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Sports and Society - Examples of Each Category of Violence in Sport - Assignment Example

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This paper "Examples of Each Category of Violence in Sport" focuses on the four categories of violence: brutal body contact, borderline violence, quasi-criminal violence, and criminal violence. Some players have taken to aggressive physical acts of aggression.  …
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Sports and Society - Examples of Each Category of Violence in Sport
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Extract of sample "Sports and Society - Examples of Each Category of Violence in Sport"

Download file to see previous pages Players can use body contact during tackling by using the upper body to push and shove opponents during a football game and this can qualify for borderline violence since it is not explicit in its nature. Using the hands to push other players when trying to control the ball. Sometimes, players will go all out and actually, assault another player defiantly qualifies as a brutal body contact. Quasi-criminal violence can come in the form of unprofessional conduct between players and can come in the form of threat, insults or other means that degrade the dignity and honour of a player, players or clubs. Criminal violence is organized violence against a player, group of players or a club where another player, players or club willfully connive to bring harm to the other in order to stop them from performing. (Hechter, 1977)
2. If we want to understand violence in sports, we must understand gender ideology and issues of masculinity in culture. How is masculinity related to violence in sports and how do issues of masculinity take on different meanings among men from different backgrounds? Give examples from the course material and from your own experiences as you discuss this issue.
Sports have from time immemorial, been relegated to the domain of men. Aggression, displays of power and dominance, drivenness, and the male physic in all its powerful glory. Any sign of weakness, empathy and kindness were regarded as a sign of weakness. The Greek culture is the one that sport was birthed in and that is why it influenced many sporting worldviews. The Greeks were obsessed with power and its display in all its form for glory’s sake. The Greco-Roman culture idolized war and aggression as an expression of masculinity and this was seen in sports. Sporting events of the medieval times were gory events filled with real-life killings of wild animals and slaves who were called gladiators. The sole purposes of the gladiators were to fight and die in the arena for the sake of glory and entertainment.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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