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Communication is vital in human life so it is relevant to analyze my personal communicating environment with a purpose to understand how I communicate and why. Technologies change communication and digital channels become the same important as real life settings. Facebook, cell…
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A description of your present living / communicating environment
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Communication Communication is vital in human life so it is relevant to analyze my personal communicating environmentwith a purpose to understand how I communicate and why. Technologies change communication and digital channels become the same important as real life settings. Facebook, cell phone, internet and Skype create specific environments that have their rules which are different from ordinary life situations.
My role in society influences the way I communicate to a great extent. I came to study at New Haven from Saudi Arabia; it is the reason why it is both challenging and interesting to communicate with my peers who do not share my culture, beliefs and values. Being away from my family, I need to adapt to new conditions and become new flexible to understand and accept other people as they are. At the same time, communication between students depends on shared activities and majors more than on their culture. As far as professors treat all students equally, the spirit of equality spreads among students quickly.
My home is where my family is. Even though I live far away from my parents now, we daily communicate via Skype. Communication in digital space is different from real life experience; however, video calls in Skype allow me seeing gestures and mimics of my parents. It is very important to see than because much information is perceived from non-verbal communication. Sometimes their gestures speak louder than words and I understand them better than during a telephone call. Communication via cell-phone is a bit different because one needs to be an expert in intonation to understand something between the lines. My family is very emotional and daily communication is needed to feel close to each other.
Communication with my friends is different from how I speak with my parents. It is more relaxed and informal; we use insider jokes and discuss themes related to our education and leisure. I often use text messages or Facebook to connect with my friends. Text messages are great because they are fast and short. Moreover, there are smileys and abbreviations which help to render relevant information about emotions, opinions or feelings using only few signs.
Social networks like Facebook give more opportunities for communication than text messages because people can exchange photos, music, news and videos. According to Castells, people are able to create their online identity and use Facebook or other social networks to present it publically. I can create group chats with my friends, post on their pages and like their photos and posts. It is very convenient because it helps to keep in touch with people who are not my closest friends. It is a matter of modern politeness to create connection via Facebook with people one knows in real life. Facebook is also great because there are many groups of interests where I can get acquainted with people who share the same interests with me.
Summing up, communication is very important in my life. I communicate daily in life and via digital channels adapting to each method I choose. Skype and cell phone connect me with my family even though they are far away. Facebook and text messages let me keep in touch with my friends non-stop at any time of the day. Finally, I live with other people and we need to communicate and share our cultures believes and thoughts. All in all, it is impossible not to communicate as live will become meaningless without other people in it.
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