Plant research and faulty arguments - Essay Example

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Actually, people cannot afford to waste the water they have. This is because some people out there could use that waste, as one man’s waste is another man’s treasure. There are several faulty reasons that…
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Plant research and faulty arguments
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Faulty arguments used about water usage and lawn maintenance Water is very important and needs no wasting or mishandlingat all. Actually, people cannot afford to waste the water they have. This is because some people out there could use that waste, as one man’s waste is another man’s treasure. There are several faulty reasons that people give as an excuse for wasting water.
One of the arguments used by people who misuse water is that the water available is more than enough for all the people on earth, which far from true. In the twentieth century alone, the earth’s populations tripled while the use of water globally escalated by more than six times. By mid 21st century, the population will have increased by more than three billion people and the worst truth is that majority of these people are continuously being born in countries experiencing water shortages. By the year 2020, expectations are that the population will hit twenty two billion, figures that are more than high. Ideally, there water conservation is mandatory, therefore, so that these people will not experience water shortages owing to discovery that the emerging worldwide water shortage threatening (Consolver 17).
Another argument used by people who waste water is that there can never be water exhaustion, as the oceans can never dry up. This is a faulty reasoning because it there have been sayings that the world may actually run out of water before running out of oil. Moreover, of all the water on earth, only three percent is fresh water and the most of it is frozen (Consolver 16).
Another faulty reason given by people who waste water is that their usage is not a waste as their usage is for basic needs. People should give water a second thought. A single toilet flush uses three gallons of water. A ten minute shower uses up fifty gallons of water. There is consumption of forty gallons of water any other time someone loads laundry. Such statistics definitely speak serious message to all. People should find ways of minimizing the amount of water used. The water used up in watering lawns is also another factor contributing to the water shortages experienced in parts of the world. People should invest in drought-tolerant crops that require less amount of water for survival (Consolver 16).
The Sedum rubrotinctum is an example of drought-tolerant vegetation that gradually grows into a beautiful mat like vegetation. It survives very well with an occasional watering and it is an excellent soil holder. The plant resembles a mat of succulent herbs with fleshy club shaped leaves that are red tinged at the tip (Thekkayam, Sabina & Peter 236). This plant can be an on-point way of conserving water when used as a substitute for a lawn. In addition, its flowers are very beautiful.
The growing of the shrubby Euphorbia resinifera as an agricultural plant is feasible even though it is a shrub and a very beautiful shrub for that matter. The plant is drought- resistant meaning it can withstand extreme water deprivation even with its leaf temperatures increasing to almost the thermal death. Therefore, the plant is perfect for water conservation and a lawn replacement (Quattrocchi 1693).
Euphorbia horrid is another example of the drought-tolerant expansive low shrub. It belongs to a species of flowering plants and this very beautiful. It saves a lot of water wasting when planted on a lawn (Barrera, Erick, Smith & Graham 6)
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