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Offshore Oil Drilling: Its Effects & Consequences on the Santa Barbara Coastline - Research Paper Example

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Offshore Oil Drilling: It’s Effects & Consequences on the Santa Barbara Coastline Abstract Offshore drilling is one of the major controversial topics in the world at present. There are many arguments both in favour and against offshore drilling. Since the available stock of oil resources are exhausting rapidly, proponents of offshore drilling are of the view that offshore drilling activities should be increased…
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Offshore Oil Drilling: Its Effects & Consequences on the Santa Barbara Coastline
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Download file to see previous pages Local environmental groups registered lot of complaints against the drilling operations in Santa Barbara. In their opinion, drilling operations in the coastal regions of Santa Barbara may cause huge damages to the eco system in general and the marine creatures in particular. Introduction The distinctive Southern California coastline has evolved its coastal geography over a 250 million year span. The result of the present coastline comes from a variety of contributing natural processes. Wave activity has been a crucial factor for the development of the beaches, in which rocky points along the coastline and wave erosion have divided the accumulation of sand. The bluffs, consisting of sandstones, have also radically shaped the outcome of an even coast. The tectonic plate shifts, classified as ‘transform faults’ for this chosen location of study, and volcanic activity have been major reasons for the coastal mountain ranges and for the discovery of oil fields in the area. Oil being highly sought-after, has entered the booming economy of Southern California in the beginning of the 20th century. ...
Offshore Oil Drilling and its Effects & Consequences on the Santa Barbara Coastline “The United States consumes nearly one-fourth of the world's oil. The big discoveries are happening offshore, says Robert Bryce, managing editor of Energy Tribune” (Jervis et al). Moreover, “At its peak in production, which occurred in 1970s, the U.S. produced about 10 million [barrels of oil] a day. Now, America produces about five million barrels a day whereas it consumes 20 million barrels daily (Gertz, p.3). America cannot depend fully on foreign countries for their oil needs. At present, America is importing a substantial portion of its internal requirements of oil from overseas countries. A substantial portion of the revenue is spent by America for oil imports. Under such circumstances, America cannot completely reject the concept of offshore oil drilling in areas such as Santa Barbara. At the same time, America cannot neglect the growing protests of the people and the environmentalists against offshore drilling. “A 1969 platform accident off Santa Barbara has fouled miles of ocean and beaches with wildlife-killing goo” (New Plan For Santa Barbara Offshore Oil Drilling Announced). People near Santa Barbara have not forgotten the damages caused by this oil spill. Such accidents can repeat any time in future also and oil companies may wash their hands after providing some compensation amount for the rebuilding of the eco system and the environment. Quite often such funding is inadequate to meet the requirements in the long run. The second effect of oil drilling near Santa Barbara is the threats from the greenhouse gases emitted at the time of oil drilling and purification. Greenhouse ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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