Offshore Oil Drilling: It's Effects & Consequences on the Santa Barbara Coastline - Term Paper Example

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Offshore Oil Drilling: It’s Effects & Consequences on the Santa Barbara Coastline [Subject] Introduction It is often claimed that humanity is in the constant searching for the benefits and facilitative means for their existence…
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Offshore Oil Drilling: Its Effects & Consequences on the Santa Barbara Coastline
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Extract of sample "Offshore Oil Drilling: It's Effects & Consequences on the Santa Barbara Coastline"

Download file to see previous pages The community demands not seizure of oil drilling operations, but indication of the exact dates when these processes may be stopped1. There is a need for an open policy of drilling on the Santa Barbara Coastline, because it is very important to focus more on environmental issues, social, political and economic implications of this type of activity. Thesis: The process of oil drilling is the environmentally risky technological development, which can bring in economic benefits for the community and reduce internal pricing and political tensions within the American society. Governmental concerns The government is very much concerned about the process of drilling. In the latest reports, the plan developed for oil drilling is characterized by the engineers as a smart one. There is an existing Platform Irene Plan and in accordance with mentioned notes in this plan, drilling platforms will be closed in 9 and 14 years approximately. Nevertheless, the involvement of the government in the process of drilling regulation cannot be predicted to the fullest extent as well. The community is opposing to the developments and further advancement of drilling, because “it threatens to open up the entire state coastline and is opposed by most of the mainstream conservation community"2. There was a drastic spill over of oil in 1969 on the Santa Barbara Coastline and the miles of beaches and the ocean, as well as wildlife were destroyed. With this respect, different activities and improvements at the government level are developed. Social concerns Very often the society is worrying about the fact of bribery of environmentalists for their lobbying of the project. The State Lands Commission disapproved the project. As a result, different political tensions occurred. For example, Santa Barbara Mayor Helene Schneider underlined that in such a way a new federal leasing directed on removing a new oil infrastructure was removed. The coastline in Santa Barbara is a too precious place and it cannot be violated or destroyed in any case. The society is worrying about the potential possibility of another oil spill, which happened 40 years ago. The issues of the environmental protection were of the main concern for the community in Santa Barbara since that time. Nevertheless, the proponents claim that technological advancement of the modernity enables a better protection of oil drilling processes, in comparison with different challenges, which occurred 40 years ago3. Concerning the economic impact, it can be claimed that the community in Santa Barbara is very much concerned about favorable conditions of their living. Very often oil prices do not mean much for the community in Santa Barbara, because their houses are really expensive, they live, being surrounded by the most beautiful parks and price for oil is considered by them from different perspectives. Thus, they do not believe that the price change is the most justifiable excuse for a potential destruction of this Paradise. Relations between the society and the government in the context of the problem There are also drawbacks, which are noticed by the members of the community, such as air emissions and additional platforms may even lead to another disaster and oil spill over. There is also a certain understanding between the members of the community and the federal authorities. It is a well known fact that the budget looks badly and there is a chance to use oil, which can be found in oil wells. Very often the energy plans of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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