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To Organize or Not to Organize - Research Paper Example

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Aaron Oil Company is responsible for providing United States with oil and petroleum reclamation services. The main responsibilities of this corporation…
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To Organize or Not to Organize
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Download file to see previous pages Not only this, but, the company also help supply oil and transmission outlets, car dealers, firms in tucking, industrial sites, generators, gas pumps, garages and maritime vessels.
The company is one of the biggest producers of oil in United States and enjoys a good reputation within the industry and their revenue and growth percent has also increased around 80% over the last three year, hence no proposing any need for a unionized employees. However, conditions in a growing corporation seldom remain the same and at one point or another scenarios and situation rises, which calls for the formation of a labor union within the company. However, for the past three years that I am working in this firm, I have seen some negative aspect of working conditions for the labors when recycling the used oil or transporting them to different retailers. Furthermore, few of the cases with my fellow employees have surfaced in the organization, but to my surprise no action or corrective measures were taken considering that this firm is one of the respected oil companies. Upon researching solely and contacting other major trade unions in field of Oil extracting and reproducing that having a unionized employee within a firm is essentially required before taking any huge step. Therefore, I am interested and have taken the responsibility of initiating a unionized employee to make the working condition for the employees a better one. As a union labor within the corporation will ensure that the proposals put forward by the employees are not being rendered inconvenient or useless. Similarly, this will empower the employee to so that the one who are timid or unable to stand up for them can have a platform to speak out their mind, besides the threat of controversy always works in favor of the employees (Fossum, 2006).
The first situation that smoke of something unpleasant, arise in the recycling part of the corporation. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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To Organize or Not to Organize Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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