FORBIDDEN FRUIT A story by Fazil Iskander - Essay Example

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The short story forbidden fruit was written by Russian author Fazil Iskander and was published in a book of other short stories by the same title in 1966.Forbidden fruit is a story about Fazil, his family as well as their pork eating white couple (Auntie Sonya and Uncle…
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FORBIDDEN FRUIT A story by Fazil Iskander
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Download file to see previous pages However one day, his sister accepts pork from Auntie Sonya and goes ahead to eat greedily as well as torture her brother Fazil by the way she eats in a tempting way. This result in Fazil’s decision to torture her as well; a plan which greatly backfires and lands Fazil the ‘perfect student’ in the wrong books of his father.
Fazil begins the story with a brief exp[lanation of the muslim laws and what it forbids:eating of pork as well as drinking of alcohol.Whereas eating of pork was strictly forbidden;drinking of alcohol was allowed without any restraint.
Fazil goes on to narrate about his encounters with pork and the way it made him salivate as well as burn with desire. He had endless and wild dreams, fantasies as well as imaginations about how it would feel like eating pork. Though he had several opportunities of tasting and even eating it; he never for once broke the rule. He enjoyed the sweetness of self denial which also helped him overcome the pangs of desire.Fazil usually felt morally superior to his friends and much enjoyed acting mysteriously.
In their neighborhood; lived a nurse by the name of Sonya and they fondly called her Auntie Sonya. Auntie Sonya had lost her first husband in the civil war; but had been married once again by uncle Shura, whom Fazil loved very much. Fazil frequently visited their house and each time he was offered pork and refused. Thus;”they often ate pork and had offered it to me before, but I always firmly excused myself-which for some reason rather amused Uncle Shura.”This clearly shows that Fazil was very serious about his Muslim religion and would never dare violate it.
One day, Fazil’s sister joined him and was offered pork. After feigning hesitation for a short moment, she accepted the sandwich and started eating it. Fazil almost choked on his own tea on seeing his sister eating the pork. Fazil’s sister enjoyed it very much and did not seem to mind if there was anything wrong with it. This on the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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