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I had planned lots of things in my life starting from my career, marriage partner to my dream home. This paper will attempt to narrate my life since my childhood till now,…
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Narration essay- Changes in my life Narration essay- Changes in my life In life people normally plan their future not knowing that fate is the major determinant of one’s life. I had planned lots of things in my life starting from my career, marriage partner to my dream home. This paper will attempt to narrate my life since my childhood till now, the changes that have taken place and what I plan to do to make it better.
As a young child, I did everything to almost perfection so as I could achieve my future dreams. I controlled everything that was around me, the decisions I made, to the persons that I chose to be my friends. My inspiration was the ability to control everything in my life as everything went according to my life. Simply put, I had everything going as I wished. To some extent, I even controlled my then boyfriend who we dated for approximately 6 years; throughout my campus life and after campus.
Life was to change after campus when I realized that life is not about forcing things to happen but compromising on some things to gain others. My first blow was when my long time boyfriend left me after so many years of dating. He complained of the fact that I always controlled his life and I never gave him time to live his life. With time I decided to leave my home and live independently. Even after lot of advice that I was not prepared to live independently, I thought I was always right, so I moved out.
It became very difficult to survive on my own especially without a job. In my mind I knew I was right. Since I was a graduate, I thought getting a job would be easy. This was the complete opposite as I struggled without a job and rent to pay. I suffered a lot in life and even opted to start drinking to seek solace. Life was getting worse by the day. I got a job later and moved out of town.
It is at this juncture that my life started changing. I learnt that life is all about compromise. No person is right, and no person has the right to undermine and despise the other. With this bitter truth in my mind, I have learnt to live with all manners of people regardless of their social status, beliefs or even race. To some extent, I have changed for the better. I have moved on from my past mistakes and adopted a new lifestyle. I got married two years ago, and I have learnt to appreciate my husband whom we have a cute daughter.
Conclusively, life changes play a critical role in shaping a new person. I am no longer proud and unappreciative of life’s little blessings as luck never waits for a person. I also learnt that forgiveness is vital in successful life. Forgiveness is not about what happened in the past but what will satisfy an individual. Read More
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