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Affect-Cognition-Behavior System and Internal Conflict Resolutions - Assignment Example

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The assignment "Affect-Cognition-Behavior System and Internal Conflict Resolutions" talks about the role of fair evaluation and other prerequisites to be created for comfortable employees' interaction, about narcissistic and other psycho-types that create one or another type of cooperation.
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Affect-Cognition-Behavior System and Internal Conflict Resolutions
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Extract of sample "Affect-Cognition-Behavior System and Internal Conflict Resolutions"

Download file to see previous pages Being the president of the company, I would create more emphasis on conflict reducing strategies in a bid to solve the problems facing the company. The initial step would be the formulation of company values. I would ensure that all the employees have known the values of the company. To ensure that all the employees are up to date with the company values, I would organize annual events whereby the employees will be reminded of the core company values.
Internal conflict resolution has been found to be more effective as compared to external methods such as courts. To come up with a good conflict resolution strategy, I would seek the opinion of the employees on workplace conflict guidelines. Conflict resolution should begin at the departmental level so that small disputes are handled before they blow up (Taylor, Rebekah, and Pamela 24). Every department should have a conflict mediator who will be trained on conflict mediation. Although training would be expensive in the short-term as compared to hiring mediators, it will be worth the cost since no new wages will be incurred in the future. Department managers will be trained as conflict mediators. Integration of management skills and conflict mediation will help solve conflicts wisely.
Ineffective communication problems are bound to cause havoc in a working environment. As the new manager, I will ensure that communication channels are effective so as to avoid misunderstanding. The structure of the organization will be altered so that communication will be easier. Every department head will communicate directly to a central manager whose main function will be coordinating the different departments. The central manager will pass information from department to department and hence no cases of departmental misunderstanding will arise. According to Taylor, improper communication in departments is the root cause of conflicts in organizations (Taylor, Rebekah, and Pamela 56). He argues that a central communication point helps solve communication problems. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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