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Constructive Storytelling as a Means of Creating Change - Essay Example

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The following research proposal will examine the nature of the narrative in relation to peace and conflict dynamics as it results in meaningful change within a society or between social groups.I hope to find a way in which to create peace and the end to aggressive measures…
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Constructive Storytelling as a Means of Creating Change
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Download file to see previous pages I hope to find a way in which to create peace and the end to aggressive measures towards resolutions so that the utopian concept of world peace can be settled into reality.
We need an essentially new way of thinking if mankind is to survive. Men must radically change their attitudes toward each other and their views of the future. Force must no longer be an instrument of politics…Today, we do not have much time left; it is up to our generation to succeed in thinking differently. If we fail, the days of civilized humanity are numbered.
The following research proposal is intended to suggest a study that would use historical case studies as a means of determining the role of narrative in conflicts, resolutions, and war as they pertain to an approach towards peace. Using the phenomenological approach to inquiry, the case study would be codified through clustering different elements of the cases in order to examine commonalities that emerge among the various themes. The hypotheses are intended to suggest that there is a causal relationship between the narrative and social change as it has occurred throughout history.
Peace and resolutions to the conflict are dependent upon the nature of the issues in conflict. The importance that is placed on the issues is the key to determining how an approach can be made towards a resolution. Bercovich and Kadyifci write that “the internal characteristics of the actors involved affect the peacebuilding activities significantly” (31). This would indicate that the identity of the nation involved in finding a resolution would be significant in framing the nature of communicating and developing peace where conflicts have emerged. The story or narrative that accompanies that identity forms a structure of culture and thought that provides a framework for approaching peace or making the decision towards war. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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