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In the essay “Education of Cambodian Students in an Urban High School” the author answers the question of how gender and ethnicity influence perception of the students towards schools. The second question is whether the students are aware of the gender role expectations in their school and home…
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Education of Cambodian Students in an Urban High School
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Extract of sample "Education of Cambodian Students in an Urban High School"

Although this research was significant in trying to delve on challenges facing the students, there was a slight problem in the period involved in carrying out the research. The period from September to January was not sufficient to come up with the conclusion of the study. Secondly, there is also a lack of balance in carrying out this study. This is because only one district is involved to come out with a general conclusion reflecting on the Cambodian students (Tang & Kao, 2012). The research method used is crucial to such a sample used in the study. The other bias is on the side of the researchers. This is evident as they follow instructions from school administrators (Tang & Kao, 2012). The school administrators instructed the researcher to focus on four classrooms due to the high number of Cambodian students (Tang & Kao, 2012).
There was a bias involved in this research. This is because only one district was used as a representative population. In addition, only the urban high schools were involved in this study while other local schools were not involved although there were Cambodian students attending such schools. However, the research only focused on one side hence the work is not fully credible.
In this study, sufficient research was not carried. This is because the representative samples were not enough to qualify for the outcome. In addition, the exact number of Cambodian students in each class could not be established. Furthermore, this article is not technically correct. This is due to the attention that focused on 9th grade and left others from this research (Tang & Kao, 2012). The presentation was also minimal as evidenced by the sample size. A larger sample with regard to all categories would have aided in the research.
The research method used had its own limitations. The result generated from this study would not be representative. Therefore, a more comprehensive research method would be essential in enhancing this kind of research.
The follow-up article would be useful if it incorporated a research method that would allow statistical data analysis. This article managed to shift opinion on how issues of gender and ethnicity may influence the academic experience of Cambodian American high school students (Tang & Kao, 2012). Read More
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