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Urban education - Essay Example

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266), urban centres in UK are diverse both in population and the culture of the people. This is reciprocated in the schools and this calls for the educators to be responsive to the diverse needs of their students. This paper will set out to discuss…
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Urban education
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"Urban education"

Download file to see previous pages Moreover, Ladson-Billings (2001, p.23) explained that urban areas are characterized by higher economic activities and the housing is dense. Consequently, due to high economic activities, urban areas have a culturally diverse population since masses from different cultural backgrounds move to these areas in search for employment opportunities. In UK, Ladson-Billings (2001, p.23) observes that early industrialization was characterised by segregation of people in different social classes, though this diminished with increased need for the working masses to be housed together. When different people congregate in urban areas, they lead to a new society through the process of urbanisation.
Given the diverse nature of the lives of people in urban areas, there emerges difference in the way people become integrated into this society. The poor feel disadvantaged and they withdraw to living in the margins of the society while the well-off group feel well a sense of belonging in the group they live in. In response to the diverse socio-economic characterisation of the urban society, there are different issues that require to be addressed. These issues range from provision housing, waste management, poverty and provision of water and security. In addition, it is critical that the issues of provision of quality education for the young people in the urban centres are addressed. Brown (2004, p. 266) explains that urban schools are evidenced by inequalities and tension, given the high population and the various communities that they are entrusted to teach.
Gay (2000, p. 12) notes that urban schools are currently located both in the inner cities and in some rural environments have varied issues they need to address. Brown (2002, p.23) argues that research in urban schools have been for a long time inclined to the problems but they fail to focus on the contributions that these schools can make to the wider society. Brown (2002, p.23) describes that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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