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In the play, there are various life issues that come out as a point of study. In the play, the character roles are divided prudently to bring up a message to be passed on. In Shakespeare’s play, Othello is seen as a man who is…
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How does this piece of literature reflect on modern life
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How the piece of literature reflect on modern life The play is the writing of William Shakespeare. In the play, there are various life issues that come out as a point of study. In the play, the character roles are divided prudently to bring up a message to be passed on. In Shakespeare’s play, Othello is seen as a man who is quick to act at the extremes without concrete evidence and proper thinking. Greed for power and the conspiracy against competitors also have a big role in Othello the play. From the introduction, the piece displays the fact that there is still the existence of racism in the case of Othello marrying Desdemona. The play ends tragically leaving the reader in a somber mood. The piece is so captivating on the chronology of the events and at the same time very educative.
Morally and applicability of the story in modern life is so relevant and evident. Racism which are demonstrated at the beginning of the play when Othello is getting married to Desmoden is still biting us to date. The vice has not been eliminated yet from the global community. Revenge which is never the best way to solve problems is used b Iago, against Othello for the fact that he did not appoint him as the second in command. As we can read through, the ending of all such happenings is not good at all, therefore, denouncing revenge as a way to solve problems. There is a need to put a rationale place before attempting anything. The irrational decision and actions by Othello saw a whole bunch of people loses their lives.
By entertaining the accusations from Iago, end to the solidifying of Iago needs to torture Othello and hence the tragedy at the end of the play. The conspiracy plotting effect, therefore, isn’t the means used to achieve ones ends. That all leaves the both parties as losers, therefore, there is a need to stick to the moral obligation and maintain the standards(Appignanesi, Osada, and Shakespeare).
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Appignanesi, Richard, Ryuta Osada, and William Shakespeare. Othello. N.p., 2009. Read More
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