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You will see it under the instruaction - Essay Example

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The story revolves around a very conservative pious Muslim, Nayir ash- Sharqi, who heads out in search to find a truth behind nouf death, a sixteen year old girl who was find dead in the middle of a dessert. From there the…
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You will see it under the instruaction
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Download file to see previous pages She was very observant when it comes to the Arab women and their role in respected Arab culture. This story utterly reflects Arab culture. It primarily revolves around Arab women their interaction with men, their duties and their role in the society or how they are taken in the Arab world and Ferraris very wisely has written her story as the perspective of this novel is mostly seen through the male eyes. Describing Sharia Laws and other Arab rituals, Zoe has totally focused to explain Arab culture and its society to the western world, who are not very completely aware of the lives in that country in very delicate way.
The major events of the novel involves the sudden disappearance of nouf for ten days before her wedding as she was engaged to Qazi. Nayir then came into a scene as Othman, nouf step-brother, asks him to find his lost sister. The story continues as Nayir searches for nouf in a vast dessert and finds her dead pregnant body. He then go into a collaboration with Katya, who happens to be Othman’s fiancée to find the truth. From there they start working together and in the end resolve the unsolved mystery. Nouf was in love with Othman and was pregnant with his baby. She ran off because she was afraid of peer’s reaction. Nouf was killed by Abir, her sister, who was in love with Qazi. Abir was burning in the feeling of envy so she killed her sister to win her love. Katya, Othman’s fiancée when found this, she left him.
As the writer has told us about the Arab culture, she has explained in a detail way about the cultural patterns of the Arab world. Arab are regarded as the people who follow strong ethical, moral and family values and people who go against such social rituals even they are right or have a good reason to that they have to face penalties. The same is being described by Zoe Ferraris that how much social values matter to these people without which people can’t function properly and outside world need to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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You Will See It under the Instruaction Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
“You Will See It under the Instruaction Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words”, n.d.
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