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"Effects of Video Games on Aggressive Thoughts and Behaviors during Development." Web. 20 July 2014. <>.
The author focuses on the rise of video games and their effect on…
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Annotated Bibliography on Policy Argument
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Annotated Bibliography on Policy Argument Video games should be banned as they negatively affect children and teenagers.
Kooijmans, Thomas. "Effects of Video Games on Aggressive Thoughts and Behaviors during Development." Web. 20 July 2014. <>.
The author focuses on the rise of video games and their effect on children. In this article, it is noted that there is a link between overdependence on video games and rise of aggressive thoughts and behaviors. As Anderson and Bushman (2002), notes that violent video games manipulate conduct by advancing aggressive beliefs and attitudes (1). The article has been relevant in showing the linkage between the rise of violent and aggressive behavior with increased reliance on violent video games. Moreover, the article helps in ensuring that there is enough ground to make a claim on ways in which video games have been detrimental to children and teenagers.
Lam, Lawrence, Cheng, ZaoHuo and Liu, XinMin.Violent "Online Games Exposure and Cyberbullying/Victimization Among Adolescents." Web. 20 July 2014. <>.
The authors use exploratory study to establish a connection between exposure to violent online -games and cyber-bullying and victimization among adolescents. A recent survey by national population Health Behavior in School-Age Children found that of those involved or affected by cyber bullying "5.3 percent were victims only, and 4.5 % were both perpetrators as well as the victim" (159). The article is relevant to my study, as it has largely focused on school-aged children most of which are teenagers. As a result, it will be of help in making a claim that video games should not be accessible to teenagers and young children.
Smith, Blake. "How Do Video Games Affect Kids?" Web. 20 July 2014. <>.
The article questions whether parents are aware of the effects of video games on children. The author notes of various negative influence it has on children such as violent action, having negative image on children, and social isolation. As the author notes, video games make student not to care about grades or learning and want to stay away from other people (1). The article helps to highlight the rise of antisocial behavior due to prevalence of the games and helps to reinforce my call for banning of games. The rise of antisocial behavior should be controlled in all possible ways including making it illegal to make video games available to children and teenagers.
Stephen, Burgess, Paul, Stermer Steven and Melinda, Burgess. "Video Game Playing and Academic Performance in College Students." College Student Journal 46.2(2012):376-387.
The authors highlight how video games have become prevalent in the recent world and how they have negatively affected the performance of most students in schools. The analysis of the results indicates large numbers of children, teens and adults to have spent significant amount of their time playing video games. As noted by Beentjes and Van Der Voort (1989), "media consumption displaces or takes away from intellectually demanding activities such as homework and studying" (1). The article remains relevant as it helps in showing the detrimental effects of video games on education performance. Read More
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Annotated Bibliography on Policy Argument Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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