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The Master Chef TV show provides an excellent representative or platform of proximity and alignment to assist its visitors in propelling a potentially huge and confusing amount of information required in preparing the most suitable and delicious meals. Its key goal is to assist…
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Preliminary Research: Formulating Ideas for the Rhetorical Analysis Assignment
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Rhetorical Analysis The Master Chef TV show provides an excellent representative or platform of proximity and alignmentto assist its visitors in propelling a potentially huge and confusing amount of information required in preparing the most suitable and delicious meals. Its key goal is to assist the home chefs and amateurs to explore their maximum potential and improve their cooking strategies to another level.
The selected scene was lifted from the series 5 of the TV show. The feature in the scene that captured and drew my attention was the type of food that the chefs were preparing. The ingredients that were tabled gave an impression of the type of foods that the chefs were to prepare. A rhetorical question was the rhetorical tool that was used in the scene (Ruhlman 83). The used rhetoric question was “Do you know how to prepare this type of food?” The chefs were using the rhetorical question to capture the attention of the audience by asking them if they had adequate information required to prepare the food (Ruhlman 190). The question gives the audience the urge of learning what it takes to prepare the food. The show attempts to pass a message to the amateurs and home chefs on how to prepare different types of new foods. The message was well elaborated because the chefs in the show clearly elaborated themselves using experiments and explanations. The intended audience that was being addressed by the scene was anybody who was interested to learn how to prepare a new dish. In my opinion, the message would have been better if the foods used would enhance the culture of the targeted food.
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Ruhlman, Michael. The Soul of a Chef: The Journey Toward Perfection. London: Penguin Group US. 2001. Read More
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