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Rhetorical analysis memo - Assignment Example

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The image of pigs in a commercial unit or structure indicates the process of large scale pig farming. The question “What do pigs eat?”…
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Rhetorical analysis memo
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Extract of sample "Rhetorical analysis memo"

Download file to see previous pages Today, the organization has over 2,500 members where they have put up programs to promote pig farming on a large scale. Ohio shelters over 4,100 pig farmers and many of these are operated by families and this organization ensures that they become successful in producing healthy pork for the nation (“What do pigs eat”). The mission of Ohio Pork Farmers organization is to help all the Ohio pork producers understand a healthy and safe environment for the pigs. The author’s purpose is to show the pig farmers the healthy process through diet that pigs under this organization undergo to produce quality and healthy pig products for the nation. The intent of the organization is to create a video that shows the benefits of modern commercial pig farming to produce the best pork products for the society. This video is most likely created for the larger Ohio community, who participate in pig farming to encourage them to join and partake in the extensive and controlled modern pig farming process (“What do pigs eat”)?
The intended audience is Ohio farmers and potential farmers to show them the steps the Ohio Pork Farmers organization is making to produce healthy pig products. By referencing to “modern” pig farming process, the video targets all private farmers to encourage them to become members, so that they benefit under the Ohio Pig Farmers organization. The video talks of pig feeds being “scientifically formulated” (“What do pigs eat”) to enlighten private farmers to join such an organization for a bigger commercial establishment.
The author values modern pig farming and references this by citing that “modern pigs are fed on a diet of corn and soy beans (“What do pigs eat”). Through this revelation, it becomes apparent that the author values the process of a modern commercial farming unit where pigs are kept in controlled housing to get proper diet. In the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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