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Basic Rhetorical Analysis of Science Fair Project Booklet - Essay Example

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The difficulty in crafting a document such as the one under discussion has to do with the ability and potential to engage young stakeholders in an interested manner; with respect to topics that are both extraordinarily important and potentially dull. As such, the authors of the…
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Basic Rhetorical Analysis of Science Fair Project Booklet
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Download file to see previous pages creating a document that was both engaging, interesting, and presented the core weighty issues that should be considered and employed by the targeted stakeholders in middle school/elementary school. As a function of this analysis, it is the hope of this student that the reader can come to a more informed understanding concerning the rhetorical best practices that are utilized within the EPA handbook and seek to appreciate the mechanisms through which they are employed and the way in which they are presented.
One of the most effective rhetorical strategies that is employed is with respect to the direct and nearly immediate representation of what the booklet is for, who, and why. This helps to provide the stakeholder with an understanding both for the overall importance of environmental protection, science, learning, and the role that the EPA plays in helping to secure and safeguard the viability of the future environment. Along with this representation of underlying rubric, the booklet does not stray very far from the core goal that the teacher within middle school is attempting to engage the student with; that both science, inquiry, and learning are all “fun”. As such, the booklet begins by stating this and giving some of the ways in which inquiry based learning provides a level of inference into the way the world works and gives the student a level of satisfaction with respect to discovering the answers for themselves.
The greatest difficulty in presented the rubric that has thus far been alluded to is the fact that it is directed towards two distinct groups; the teachers and administrators of middle schools as well as the students themselves. In such a manner, the rhetoric and approach is split and needs to provide interest and ideas on both the part of the students and their teachers; a somewhat difficult task for a single booklet of such brevity. Regardless of this, the step by step approach and “keys to success” that are represented within the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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