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Preliminary Search - Assignment Example

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Implementation of ERP takes a long time, and even after an organization installs the software, there are still changes that are necessary in the ERP…
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Preliminary Search
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"Preliminary Search"

Download file to see previous pages Such factors, coupled with high integration and maintenance costs, training, and redesign of business processes, disrupt organizational operations (Grabot, Mayere, and Bazet, 2008).
Scalability is an integral concept for organizations that seek to protect their software investment. Functionality, platform, usability, and user account are the four integral dimensions of scalability. Utilization involves such factors as data storage limitations and reliable performance. Platform is the ability of an ERP system to function in multiple computing environments. User account is about the ability to add users in the system in a cost-effective and easy manner. Functionality is the ability of the system to adapt to organizational changes (Grabot, Mayere, and Bazet, 2008). For ERP installation, scalability of a product determines the success of an ERP system. All the dimensions are necessary considerations before installation of a system.
In terms of functionality and security, a three-tier client server model provides ease in control because its middle tier (application servers) is centralized and is manageable as compared to two-tier client server models. There are less vulnerabilities in a three-tier model, and data recovery is easier in comparison to a two-tier model. A two-tier model runs two integrated ERP systems simultaneously at the corporate and subsidiary level, and is beneficial for organizations with several branches or multiple sites. It is also useful when organizations merge or if there is, a newly acquired operation that does not match the current ERP an organization uses. In contrast, a three-tier is for small businesses because of its ease in installation. Even so, they are not as easy to customize as the two-tier client server model (Grabot, Mayere, and Bazet, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Preliminary Search Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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