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It digs with acute intelligence into new approaches taken to preparing food by some controversial but creative chefs. What struck me…
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Please write a response on two episodes
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17 July Response Essay: Anthony Bourdain’s episode d “Decoding Ferran Adria” is fraught with myriad interesting ideas regarding how food has evolved over time. It digs with acute intelligence into new approaches taken to preparing food by some controversial but creative chefs. What struck me most about this episode is that despite having a solid idea about food himself which is traditional and mainstream, Bourdain still appears to have an open mind about new culinary approaches which are not at all traditional. He goes all the way to Spain to meet a chef who prepares his food in a lab. He is undeniably intrigued by a scientific approach taken to food and he very subtly also inculcates this interest in the viewers also. It is normally thought that when it comes to food, one cannot reinvent the wheel. However, Ferran Adria is one man who experiments with his food in a laboratory which suggests that the wheel is in fact reinvented. Bourdain certainly has a very distinct food philosophy which he seems to energetically defend in this video, Decoding Ferran Adria. The bedrock of this food philosophy is formed by the idea that the most riveting and soulful kind of food cannot be produced under laboratory conditions. Such kind of food is mostly found in the most chaotic kind of kitchens where sweating chefs struggle to keep up with the customers’ orders. However, the revolutionary approach taken to food by Adria appears to have mesmerized Bourdain because it somehow turns out to be successful. Read More
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Please Write a Response on Two Episodes Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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