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Reading Journey for the The Solosit by Steven Lopez p.1-45 - Book Report/Review Example

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Steve wants to write a column on Tony because he plays with some level of expertise and there seems to be an interesting back story…
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Reading Journey for the book The Solosit by Steven Lopez p.1-45
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Download file to see previous pages Steve confirms with Julliard that they have an alumnus named Nathaniel Ayers, a bass player. Steve also learns from Ron Guzzo, one of the managers of Motter’s Music House, that Ayers buys musical instruments from them for the past two decades. Steve finds Tony’s sister, Jennifer, who is a social worker in Atlanta. Jennifer tells Steve that, in her brother’s third year in Julliard, he suddenly takes off his clothes in front of his roommate and his roommate’s fiancée. The police take him to the psychiatric emergency room at Bellevue Hospital where the doctor diagnoses him with paranoid schizophrenia. Jennifer narrates the struggles of their mother in taking care of Tony at home. After their mother died in 2000, Tony decides to look for their father who abandoned them when they were children. Tony finds his father, but he leaves him anyway. After Steve collects enough information about Tony and confirms some parts with people he knows or who know him, he publishes the column. He gets overwhelming positive response from readers who want to help him get new strings or new musical instruments. Steve tells this to Tony who does not believe him at first. Tony tells almost everything to Steve now, whether they are real or delusional. Steve tells Tony that he can play the new instruments sent to him, but, he should keep them in Lamp Community, an agency that helps mentally ill people. Steve also realizes that, by writing a column on Tony, he becomes somewhat responsible now for his welfare.
It must be so exciting to be a reporter and get the feeling of finding a good story. Good stories do not always have to be big exposes on criminals and politicians. Sometimes, they can be about ordinary people who, after experiencing many problems, still manage to be good and decent. If I find someone like Tony, I honestly cannot talk to him the way Steve did, because I am suspicious of strangers. Steve made me realize that we can be friends with the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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