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Scriptures Reading and Journal - Book Report/Review Example

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Through prayers, it is possible to find comfort and to gain the patience to undergo the suffering, by knowing that God is in control. Therefore, when faced with difficult situations, prayers can be the best way out.
Prayer is a tool than…
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Scriptures Reading and Journal
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Download file to see previous pages Caring for others is fundamental for a believer. The souls of the sinners are as precious as those of the believers. Therefore, it is necessary for a believer to pray for the souls of the sinners who have gone astray.
Faith is instrumental in achieving the prayers and petitions that one makes to God. With faith, God is moved to action, and the Holy Spirit descends upon the person making the prayer. Faith is not only instrumental in the achievement of the prayers and petitions than an individual makes, but also in the achievement of the same to others. Therefore, praying for oneself and for others while filled with faith will make things happen.
God is capable of protecting His people against afflictions. God is also capable of providing His people in every way and in everything that they need. Therefore, praying to God with faith for provision will make it possible for the Holy Spirit to be sent down, so as to make the necessary provisions and also protection against any afflictions.
The word is important, since it is the seed that grows into the tree of faith. Therefore, reading the word is important because it builds the faith that one has in God. It is this faith that causes God to react to the prayers than a believer makes. Therefore, in real life, reading the word and building faith in God, as well as worshiping will make God answer our prayers.
Choosing sin or righteousness is a personal choice. However, the choices that an individual make will be judged during the resurrection. Since the righteous will be rewarded while the sinners will be punished, it is important to pursue righteousness in real life.
Wickedness constitutes living a life without God. The same will be repeated again during restoration, when those who opted for wickedness will suffer forever without God, while the righteous will enter into endless happiness. It is therefore only proper to choose God in real-life and God will chose me in restoration.
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