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Dana Fleming uses emotions as well as logic in her article Digital Natives and Immigrants: What Brain Research Tells Us (2008) to support her thesis that it is the responsibility college authorities to protect their students against the misuse of social media by treating their…
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Read Nancy Herthers Digital Natives and Immigrants
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Dana Fleming’s Essay Critique Dana Fleming uses emotions as well as logic in her article Digital Natives and Immigrants: What Brain Research Tells Us (2008) to support her thesis that it is the responsibility college authorities to protect their students against the misuse of social media by treating their private posts according to school’s code of conduct. The points she makes appeal the emotions. She takes tragic historical events such as a ‘girl raped’ or a robbery (Fleming, 2008) as a result of someone exploiting social media network. Predators get useful information to carry out the crime. A sad parent tried to sue MySpace website because their daughter got sexually assaulted (Fleming, 2008). The US District Court Judge dismissed the claim by stating that it was her parent’s duty to protect their child not of MySpace. Fleming describes the whole process of how the online community works. She portrays it in such a light that there is repulsion felt by the reader even in processes like making friends, setting up an online profile or sharing or liking each other’s posts to spread the message. Fleming’s style is a little exploitative when she stresses too much on one side of the picture because online networks like YouTube, MySpace and Facebook are not only used to advertise the most personal thoughts across the world. Different online groups have grown on such platforms where people have find their old friends. They start many good things like projects, work groups and businesses together. However, Fleming needs to portray it in such an emotionally repulsive light because the crimes committed under exploitation of social media are so heinous that one needs to exploit the truth to make the point. Sometime persuasion requires little bit of exploitation to get the point across.
Fleming, D. (2008) Youthful Indiscretions: Should Colleges Protect Social Network Users from Themselves and Others? Read More
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