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Analysis of Jeremy Adam Smiths Article, Our Fear of Immigrants - Essay Example

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This is the "Analysis of Jeremy Adam Smith’s Article, Our Fear of Immigrants". Author Jeremy Smith’s classical book presents an in-depth look at the issues relating to rational explanations for the cases of immigrants…
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Extract of sample "Analysis of Jeremy Adam Smiths Article, Our Fear of Immigrants"

Download file to see previous pages Smith tries to appeal to both the pathos and logos, which act as the functioning to help prove different points. When he refers to the pathos, he appeals to the logic of human beings. The piece helps in rationalizing the fears which are part and parcel of their hearts. It also portrays migrants as humans. There is a sense of threat and worry with new entrants into a home country, but he paints the similarity that exists between us. Both migrants and natives shave aspirations and objectives in life. In most cases, immigrants are all their power to escape dangerous places. The author believes fear does not come from current situations. The history of fear goes way back. This awareness form is essential for several reasons. First, the author helps us understand the ideologies that help in cultivating a new comprehension of the immigrants’ nature and ends up leading to a more open approach with such instances. The nature of hierarchy shows that the process of evolution, and in-groups, bears hidden truth that helps in understanding the origin of dread. There is a feeling of the threat posed by other individuals that apply to new entrants basing on the nature of native hierarchies of power. There exists a correlation between human relationships and power. The greater extent of power possessed, the lesser the concern of relationships with others. This can be drawn from the current society, with the example of President Donald Trump. Part of his conservations leading up to his presidential bid centered on the theme of deportation of migrants. The theme cut across Mexicans, African Americans, and Muslims, as shown by the author. With the high power associated with Trump and his country, he feels threatened with the presence of new entrants. There are many inconsistencies relating to terrorist cases by migrants with news headlines. Most of the news headlines try to affiliate the terrorist attacks with the new immigrants as the perpetrators of the acts. The use of power by the elite can prove to natives of their fear of migrants and hence eliminate the threat. A major reason that makes these people unaltered with such threats is that they refuse to be brainwashed. Most want changes implemented to address the situation, but the people in power do not want to face opposition to their system. Most of the rules and regulations in effect suit their personal interests and needs and not those of the citizens. They are afraid that any opposition might affect their system, and individuals might wake up to find the truth. Therefore, the elite in society tries to keep the nature of things under wraps. There is the use of logic by the author in making his argument. It is common for people who are in power to feel threatened with new individuals in their country who could interrupt the norm. There is the use of evolution by the author to explain the nature of the fear of the immigrant entering into new territories. According to Smith, the terror does not represent the precise case of fear as envisioned. It forms many aspects of survival, which is different from the feeling of being threatened. This refers to our need to fill our lives with worldly objects and resources. This includes essential resources such as food, water, and others. Judging from the past, these resources were detrimental to the survival of man since there were no developments as witnessed in the current world. There was the hunting and gathering of food. There existed parts with more nourishment and water than others, and people did not have to search for it. However, there were shortcomings, and individuals were forced to go without it. This forced individuals to search for these resources in other areas, which has resources for survival, which formed part of the immigrant search for resources and better opportunities in these modern times. There were enough resources to ensure the survival of humankind. Even with the evolution taking place, there is still the adaptations of our genes that relate to our ancestors. When it comes to the threat of reduction in resources, I feel that the United States should be last on the line to be concerned about such. This derives from the nature of the country that derives its resources from various countries and have resources in plenty for the masses. The mass abundance of food shows evidence with some meals thrown away. The food thrown away is essential for the survival of the immigrants. There is a dismissal of the scarcity of food since hunting and gathering is a thing of the past. The presence of many grocery stores shows the abundance of resources in our grasp. There is an increase in terms of corporate greed that fail in donating the feed to the needy. The food in the country is plenty for the hogging of food to occur. There is the blatant use of in-groups in explaining the natural fear and its origin. This does not necessarily mean the nature of the immigrants but more of our conditioning. Our in-groups represent our race, age, gender, and other links with individuals. American citizens form part of their in-group and end up excluding the immigrants who are seen as outcasts by the countries. The process of exclusion ends up excluding persons based on their birthplace. Rational thinking reflects on all of us humans who share similar life goals. There is the use of pathos in this part, which aims at evoking emotions within persons. As a part of an out-group member in the United States and some countries, I understand and relate to the feeling of being an immigrant. There needs to be a common standing point where people are connected for us to advance more in life. The analysis of Jeremy Adam Smith’s article, Our Fear of Immigrants, shows a deep-rooted history for the nature of migrants. It proves apart from judging the migrants, and we should first understand their situation. By appealing both to our pathos and logos, Smith paints a picture of the various conclusions as to the origin of dread for immigrants in this article. The situation of immigrants evokes different emotions from individuals. The fear comes from our emotions; hence we can decipher what the immigrant pose in our lives. Currently, the issues of migrants in countries are over-politicized. Consequently, there is not cause or origin of the dread, it basely due to our dread and greed. The breakdown of evolution, hierarchies, and in-groups gives us an understanding of the basis of the stance against immigrants in the United States by the elite. There is the need to form common ground with such a situation where we all see ourselves as part of the human race. Politics should not form part of our approach to immigrants’ issues. This calls for the need to overcome differences that exist in our lives and understand the nature of the conditions which are present in other countries, which are even worse than our cases. The root cause of migrants evacuating from their homeland is often as a result of tragic happens. Other related factors push for the move of the migrants, including searching for jobs, wars, and other reasons. There needs to be a common ground that as human beings as we come from the same God. Our differences in life, ranging from our birthplace, the color of our skin, and other factors, should not dilute our nature as human beings with goals and passion for changing our lives. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Analysis of Jeremy Adam Smiths Article, Our Fear of Immigrants Essay.
(Analysis of Jeremy Adam Smiths Article, Our Fear of Immigrants Essay)
Analysis of Jeremy Adam Smiths Article, Our Fear of Immigrants Essay.
“Analysis of Jeremy Adam Smiths Article, Our Fear of Immigrants Essay”.
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