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The fruits are coated with thin dissolvable layer after they are broken from their pod. Desert date fruits are mostly produced in Africa arid region and Middle East (Sinha 634)…
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Product Packaging Analysis Assignment
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Desert Fruits Desert fruits are brown waxy fruits produced by palm tree found only in the arid regions. The fruits are coated with thin dissolvable layer after they are broken from their pod. Desert date fruits are mostly produced in Africa arid region and Middle East (Sinha 634). Therefore, it means that they can only be imported to United States and not produced. These fruits a very sugary and have got oval shaped seeds.
Choosing a package for desert date fruits needs emphasis on their preservation duration and their attraction to potential buyers. Since the product originates from high temperature and low humid region, the suitable package for this product is a cylindrical, transparent, container varying in sizes according to quantity inside. The container should be made of plastic and fitted with tight brown plastic lid too. After which, the container should be wrapped with transparent polythene paper. On the half side of the container, on the polythene used for wrapping, there should be nice brown drawings of desert date fruits and underneath the fruit there should be writings in pink stating the nutrient values of the product, it uses, and storage conditions (Sinha 637-641). The remaining half of the package container should be left as transparent as it is so that buyers who have never tested the dates can see exactly how it look like before paying for it.
Packaging the desert dates in a transparent cylindrical plastic container fitted with an airtight lid protects the fruits from deformations due to clamping together and dissolution of the fruit’s outer coating by moisture. It also enhances its longer preservation and displays the fruits nicely to attract buyers, which is the ultimate objective of any package.
Figure above shows desert date fruits.
Work Cited
Sinha, Nirmal K. Handbook of Fruits and Fruit Processing. Hoboken: John Wiley & Sons, 2012. Print. Read More
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