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Hazardous Materials Packaging -351 Forum 4 - Assignment Example

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The National Archives and Records Administration (2012) defines reverse logistics as "The safe return of goods from the marketplace to the original vendor, manufacturer, or supplier" (para. 1). This return of goods mostly involves hazardous materials. This paper discusses the…
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Hazardous Materials Packaging -351 Forum 4
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Hazardous material packaging Hazardous material packaging The National Archives and Records Administration defines reverse logistics as "The safe return of goods from the marketplace to the original vendor, manufacturer, or supplier" (para. 1). This return of goods mostly involves hazardous materials. This paper discusses the problem of reverse logistics and how it relates to hazardous materials packaging.
Goods or supplies can be shipped back to the point of origin for the main purpose of proper disposal. It is also worth noting that reverse logistics may occur for the purpose of repackaging or remanufacturing to recapture or improve the value of a product. Products damaged during shipment can also be shipped back to the point of origin for reprocessing and repackaging. Lai and Cheng (2009) posits that "In the case of some products that contain hazardous materials such as batteries and electronic equipments, there are safe disposal requirements that must be adhered to and reported" (p. 72).
In some countries particularly European countries, producers are required to retract packaging materials from their clients for proper disposal or recycling (Schatteman, n.d). Issues of pollution and climate change has forced many countries to implement laws and regulations that require proper disposal of hazardous materials after the end of their life cycle and this is responsibility of both the retailer and the manufacturer. Schatteman (n.d) further asserts that these laws have forced manufacturers to initiate reverse logistics for such materials in order to dispose them properly. During transportation or shipment of hazardous materials or products back to the manufacturer or to the point of origin, it is imperative to properly package them to prevent any leakages. Proper packaging also involves labeling the packages in a bid to distinguish hazardous materials from non-hazardous materials (Jaffin, 2013). In a nutshell, reverse logistics is shipping back products such as hazardous products back to the manufacturer for proper disposal, repackaging, or reprocessing. Therefore, the products ought to be packaged properly to prevent any leakages or accidents during shipment.
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