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The Importance and Reasons for Recycling - Term Paper Example

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The paper 'The Importance and Reasons for Recycling' sheds light on the process of recycling and its benefits in regard to the environment. Furthermore, the paper describes how individuals can help in the recycling process. Additionally, the paper debunks some of the myths associated with recycling…
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Extract of sample "The Importance and Reasons for Recycling"

Download file to see previous pages Looking at the world many places have been and continue to be, polluted garbage, toxic wastes and radioactive wastes (Shaufique, Sidique, & Joshi, 2010, p. 247). Recycling does come in handy in today's world of wastes. Many still might not know the importance of recycling and its help to our environment today.

Of interest though is that recycling appears to be a concept generally introduced recently, but in actual terms, recycling has been around for thousands of years. Before the introduction of the industrial age, people around then couldn’t make goods in a quicker and most convenient way. As a result, this forced them to practices some form of recycling. During this error, large scale recycling was at its rear existence due to technological limitations experienced. With the introduction of mass production of the industrial age comes along with an utmost need to practice large-scale recycling (Shaufique, Sidique, & Joshi, 2010). It’s human nature that once products are available and purchased cheaply, then it makes sense to them to simply throw old items and pick new ones in that order. Sincerely this culture of simply disposing of goods anyhow creates a number of environmental problems.

Recycled products being hard to find in the market- well it used to be true but not anymore, as there are a lot of recycled products in our immediate vicinity, assumptions that recycled papers aren’t as good as non-recycled papers- as of today there is no big difference between recycled and non-recycled paper and recycled outputs costing more money- it clearly used to be the case sometimes ago especially on some materials but this is not the case recently actually today most recycled products are often cheaper than those from non-recycled products (Shaufique, Sidique, & Joshi, 2010). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Importance and Reasons for Recycling Term Paper - 1.
(The Importance and Reasons for Recycling Term Paper - 1)
The Importance and Reasons for Recycling Term Paper - 1.
“The Importance and Reasons for Recycling Term Paper - 1”.
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Although recycling markets differ in developed and developing countries due to technology, information, and market power, one thing is sure: Government intervention and citizen’s cooperation are proven necessary to make recycling successful. Today, recycling, specifically plastic bag recycling has continually gaining much support. Understanding Recycling Although oftentimes used interchangeably, recycling differs from reuse. Reuse does not involve remanufacturing; whereas recycling, Geiser (2001: 219) defined, is collecting used materials for reprocessing and remanufacturing. Materials are recycled either through primary or secondary recycling, depending on the quality of the product material. Materials minimally degraded go thro...
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...? 28 November Recycling Recycling is the basic need of today when we are left with very little resources. “Recycling has become a major issue as scientific research has been suggesting for years that the earth is being depleted too fast to sustain a healthy balance” (“The Importance of Recycling”). Day by day, the resources are vanishing. We used to have much more gold, iron, oil and gas in the past than now, and the future generations will have even lesser natural resources. It is a good idea to use recycling from the waste and from everything we do not need. Cars with waste consisting of glass, carton boxes, wood and papers, aluminum cast, wrought can be recycled. The technology is evolving continuously and new things are coming up every...
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In recent times, recycling and taking care of our environment as a whole is critically a big thing. While reusing our wastes seems to be the best method, often times this proofs to be a difficult task. Just everyone has a clear understanding that our environment is in way endangered. Of serious concerns is the amount of waste we put in the air, ground and water all year round. Looking at the world many places have been and continue to be, polluted garbage, toxic wastes and radioactive wastes (Shaufique, Sidique, & Joshi, 2010, p. 247). Recycling does come in handy in our today world of wastes. Many still might not know the importance of recycling and its help to our environment today. Of interest though is that recycling appears...
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... food (Cooper 73). On another note, a reasonable measure that the United States governments needs to take to improve recycling efficiency involves shifting the responsibility to the producer. This entail a government policy approach where, the responsibility to cut on wastes, is channeled to the producers of the products. Such an approach would force producers to invent new and efficient packaging and improve in terms of limiting the use of disposable resources. Conversely, advocating for recycling in the public, as a moral issue encourages individuals to look at issues moralistically. As a result, individuals forget tradeoffs and the need to make compromises. However, in creating awareness of the importance of recycling there is a need...
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Integrating recycling into K-12 educational system has become a goal for many educators. Usually it is integrated into science or social studies classrooms. This is due to its inclusion in the national education standards for both of these subject areas. Common areas that recycling is integrated into the curriculum include areas such as the study of natural resources, general environmental units, soil units, water units, community units, economic units, and geography units. Although interest is growing, major textbook publishers do not always include recycling in a textbook so teachers are left to supplement the textbooks with outside curriculum to meet the national standards. For example, in a unit about trees or natural resourc...
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For example, there are several similarities and differences of recycling between China and Australia when viewed in the lines of legislations guiding recycling, recycling of e-wastes, and water recycling. reports that the Chinese government passed legislations that intended to scrap progressive pricing of water since the consumption level of each household was unknown. Chinese law also proposed to boost sustainable development through energy saving and reducing discharge of waste products ( Similar legislations apply to the Australian laws that help the country to manage environmental pollution. According to Recycling International, the government of China formulated a law to govern the recycling of...
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Importance of Recycling

...Recycled Toothbrushes Make Sense - Discussion Answer 1: The advantages of the partnership between Recycline and Stonyfield Farm go beyond the mere supplier-manufacturer relationship. Both these companies are focused towards using eco-friendly products in order to contribute not only socially but environmentally towards the well-being of the communities in which they are doing business. Their partnership works as a mutually beneficial deal to enhance the environmental savvy image of both the companies. For Recycline, this partnership does not only cut down the costs of the company’s raw material but adds value to the image of the firm. The partnership allows Recycline to easily obtain the raw material for manufacturing the handles...
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The current global warming issue has created awareness among people which leads to air, water pollution and decrease of one-use resources. The lessening of number of one-use resources empowered countries to combat the problem by use of more renewable resources that can be recycled. The ethical benefit of recycling outweighs its negativity. The cost of land filling, incineration and collection of waste are much higher than that of recycling processes. The environmental effects are the disposal of waste can cost billions of dollars for municipal. But the implementation of recycling can help to deal with the issue. This essay will discuss about the optimum use of recycling for a possibility to reduce the environmental issues ethical...
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... important step towards the minimization of pollution, it is rather unfortunate that the recycling process rarely occurs on a large scale and is mostly practiced in schools and small scale homes. Recycling has so far failed to useful on a large scale such as on the industrial or global scale. Conclusion The importance of recycling has reached a critical moment in that there is widespread public concern and state action that are rapidly mounting to confront the material burdens of industrial production that have gradually been accumulating over the years. The rather unintended consequences of our overuse of the limited resources that nature has availed us have started to greatly impact the manner in which we now live our lives. Although...
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...Recycling This paper highlights a general effort to quantify the benefits of recycling in relation to environmental protection, sustainable development and on the improvement of social consequences. For decades, there have been efforts to minimize the adverse impacts of pollutants on the human health and the environment. Important progress on the recovery and recycling of the waste products has been of significance to the bio-system and on human development. Such development meets the needs of present generation without compromising the ability of the future one. This work focus on the phases, and the positive values related to recycling. An understanding of the term recycling is essential, as it is the base of our argument (Goldsmith...
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