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Analisis Of The Article Is Facebook Making Us Lonely - Essay Example

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The writer of the paper "Analisis Of The Article Is Facebook Making Us Lonely" gives a critical evaluation of the Stephen Marche's article reveals significant facts regarding the author and the intensity of the research conducted in order to gather the diversified, yet sympathetic information…
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Analisis Of The Article Is Facebook Making Us Lonely
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Extract of sample "Analisis Of The Article Is Facebook Making Us Lonely"

Download file to see previous pages He takes the time to reflect back to the 1950s and traces the changes that have happened in human interaction. Through the integration of various sources from divergent authors, including Moira Burke, John Cacioppo, and Robert Putnam; people with different ideas and perceptions, the author presents both sides in an enthralling manner and imperiously attests his supposition. The facts presented are expressed in an appealing language that undoubtedly sinks into the audience’s intellect. Marche industriously presents an outstanding fact that remains profound throughout the article; “The idea that a Website could deliver a more friendly, interconnected world is bogus” (Marche 1). The depth of an individual's interaction within Facebook is fully determined by their social network outside of Facebook.
However, in various instances, Marche presents arguments and statements but lacks statistical evidence or experimental results that validate it. “Facebook … puts the pursuit of happiness front and center in our digital life. Its capacity to redefine our very concepts of identity and personal fulfillment is much more worrisome than the data-mining and privacy practices that have aroused anxieties.” (Marche 1). Apparently, the article lacks substantial data or information to endorse the presented assertions, a factor that makes its arguments relatively fragile. It is specified that among 18-34 years old, nearly 50% update their Facebook status immediately after getting out of bed while 28% do so while still on the bed. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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