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With the emergence of free, open source softwares, anyone can create pleasant-looking digital graphics. Image editing softwares like GIMP enable an individual to edit photos and manipulate them to…
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Also, the tutorial itself does not require any artistic skills. Installation of GIMP onto one’s computer may require certain prerequisites. Once installation is complete, there is no further need for any previous knowledge. However, familiarization with the following terms may prove to be helpful:
In order to create a digital artwork, you will first need to download GIMP. Once you have downloaded and installed the software on your computer, load the program. The user interface will have an environment as shown below, with the Toolbox and Layers window open.
To create a new document, go to File menu and then click New. Alternatively, you can hold Ctrl and N. A dialog box will open, asking you to enter the dimensions of the new image file. For the purpose of this tutorial, we will use an image with the dimensions 500pixels x 500 pixels (width x height in pixels). Click OK.
A vignette in the visual sense is a portrait with essentially faded borders as though the color varies in its shading from the center to the corners of the image. The first step is to choose a color for the vignette. You may choose any color you like but for this tutorial I will be choosing a shade of red with the HTML notation, db1515. In order to pick a color, that is, change the foreground color, click on the black palette as shown in the image and this will open a dialog box where you will select your desired color or just paste the HTML notation, db1515, in the textbox. Click OK.
Now, fill the image by clicking on the bucket in the Toolbox and clicking on the image. This will color the image red. You will now have to duplicate the layer. To do so, go to the Layers window, and right-click the layer named Background and choose Duplicate Layer.
Now add a layer mask on the duplicate layer called Background Copy by right-clicking and choosing Add Layer Mask. A dialog box will open. Select Initialize Layer Mask to White (Full ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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