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Lecture Summaries #2 - Coursework Example

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Indian tribes largely resided in the Great Plains. These communities practiced complicated traditions. These traditions made it easier for Plains Indians to adapt to the…
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Lecture Summaries #2
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Download file to see previous pages Some tribes disputed the Euro-Americans settlement. The United States government later made agreements with Indian leaders for their communities to reside in reserves. However, many Americans did not stay true to this agreement. The Federal Indian Policy saved land for Indians to settle on. The policy also entailed the signing of new agreements that controlled how Indians lived and exploited this reserve land. Conflicts between plains Indians and Euro-American colonists included neglect of signed agreements, lack of enforcement of the Federal Indian Policy by American agents, and refusal of some Indians to relocate to reserves.
Violence between Plains Indians and Euro-American colonists broke out in the early 1860s with the army frequently attacking nonviolent Indians. In the process, two massacres ensued in 1864 and 1890. In 1887, the Dawes Severalty Act was passed to perceive of Indians as individuals and make them conform to the United States law. The Dawes Severalty Act was problematic in the sense that a lot of the land put up for sale was unsuitable for farming. In addition, allocating land was an extremely delayed process. As a result, the government came up with new settlements, boundaries, and provinces that saw a radical rise in population in the west.
Linked themes in the expansion of west and its railways include the Homestead Act and removal of Indian tribes. Terms of this expansion included the calibration and merging of landowners. These processes included surveys and issuing of land grants as gifts. However, a majority of these processes were fraudulent because they were carried out with the Indians and Americans had the upper hand. Railways were crucial for expanding the west and introducing new governments, farming, and cattle rearing. Railways added to the deterioration of the traditional Indian livelihood.
Railways also backed the expansion of municipalities and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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