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The Medieval Era - Essay Example

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Understanding the present requires a deeper introspection of the past as noted with the Medieval Era that adversely shaped newer ideologies of the 21st century. It means the introspection and interrogation takes into cognizance the rulers, wars, revolts, and other interesting…
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The Medieval Era
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Download file to see previous pages The Medieval Era or the Middle Ages was characterized feudal system that mostly exalted Knights, Nobles, and Kings. The era mostly lasted between the 5th and the 15th century and was eventually replaced by the Renaissance or the Age of Discovery. During this period, there existed a division amongst Knights including a code of chivalry as noted in Charny’s book A Knight’s Own Book of Chivalry. It means chivalry was a moral, religious, and social code in the Middle Ages in defining a knightly conduct. Additionally, knights of that time had sore lives that depended on charity, justice and faith. Therefore, maintenance of high level of morality was a defining point of morals. However, from 1437 to 1449, Early Modern Period of the Medieval Era experienced certain fundamental changes that later shaped Europe extensively. For instance, the invention of the printing press by Johannes Gutenberg heralds a new era of publishing both news and literature in societal domain.
The development equally expanded accessibility throughout Europe hence widening readership amongst the citizens. In 1442, the eruption of the Battle of Szeben results to the third victory orchestrated by Hungarian forces under the leadership of Janos Hunyadi. The war is against the Ottoman forces. Also known as the Battle of Sibiu or the Battle of Hermannstadt, the war claimed about 15-20, 000 Ottoman soldiers whiles the Hungarian side lost approximately 3-4,000 men. Unfortunately, the victory could not be translated in the Battle of the Iron that was fought close to the Danube (Newman 145). Another interesting development entails the Battle of Varna that resulted to victory for the Ottomans. Notably, it was a determining battle to reclaim the Crusade of Varna that resulted to the massive defeat of Hungarian-Polish forces and the ultimate death of their leader, Wladyslaw III.
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