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This paper "Medieval Art and Music" focuses on the fact that medieval art consisted mostly of mosaics and images set in ivory or on parchment that decorated churches. The images displayed similarities with the Greek and Roman art, they demonstrated an interest in abstraction and symbolism. …
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Medieval Art and Music
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 According to Schneider-Adams, there are six reasons why art is created, they are represented below alongside examples of paintings or art that explain the reason.
1. For worship purposes
2. For beauty and splendour
3. To display wealth and power
4. To display emotions or feelings
5. For astrology and other beliefs
6. To display time and events
2.) Discussion Questions: Music
Gregorian chants a form of liturgical chant that was used in western Christianity, it was mostly played during a mass celebration and at ritual rights. It was formed by Pope Gregory who was the acting pope from the year 590 -604, he was well known for his categorization of music to be played during specific events in the church. The Gregorian chant is some kind of frenzy music with prolonged intervals between tune and whose pitch keeps alternation from high to low to very high tones. The pitches keep alternating and this creates a confusion of some sort in the mind.
I think the music has some form of spiritual attachment, given the fact that it is played in the church and ,the changing pitches have some effect on one’s soul. It keeps ones detached from the real world to a faraway place that cannot be well distinguished, though this only happens when one pays full concentration to the pitches and tones released from it. I agree with the modern listeners that the music has some haunting effect, this could be due to the fact that it is ancient and not similar to modern music. 
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