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This short paper overviews the movie called "Life in a Medieval Monaster" and also discuss the music of those times. …
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Music in Medieval Times
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Music in Medieval Times The documentary on the Life of in a Medieval Monastery emphasized the communal nature of the monks’ life. The nature of the monks’ interaction with outside life depends on the dictates of the Abott and the services they offer to others depend on funds of those who run the monasteries. Duties were assigned and responsibilities undertaken depending on the needs of the community of monks.
The lessons relayed in the documentary are consistent with the life exemplified by Hildegard of Binen, a German nun who led an austere and sheltered life in the Monastery in Disibodenberg near Rheinhesse. She later founded a convent in Binen where she had visions presenting clarifications of major Biblical events. It is during her solitary confinement in the monastery where she was able to express herself in various forms of arts: literary and visionary writings, sacred music, history and medicine, among others.
In contrast, the modern monastery described in Sister Act was different in terms of according the opportunity to relate to the community through interactive service and sharing of contemporary music. The need to revitalize medieval sacred music was emphasized in Sister Act to adapt to the preferences of younger generations. Although the contents and lyrics were the same, the film presented innovative ways to enliven the musical score through rhythmic patterns that are fast, lively and louder than conventional sacred and religious music that slow, mostly Gregorian chants, hymns depicting lives of the Virgin Mary and other religious persons’ lives. Read More
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