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This is because there were several factors that came together to inform the outcome of the famous siege. Politically, there was a display of the might of one kingdom against…
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Medieval Warcraft part 13
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MEDIEVAL WARCRAFT PART 13 The attack of Chateau Gaillard is considered as one of the most outstanding seizures in the medieval era. This is because there were several factors that came together to inform the outcome of the famous siege. Politically, there was a display of the might of one kingdom against the other. In the days, the French were generally perceive to be politically well motivated than the English (Castle Battle, 1978). It is not surprising that this notion and general perception translated into empirical success for Phillip II. Indeed, technology abounds today and it is not known to have existed in the medieval days but there was much use of technological ideas and implications in the days of the attack. For example in the application of medieval weapons, greater display of mastery of technology was showed (Castle Battle, 1978). In the picture below, it would be seen how the soldiers at the time displayed maximum sense of basic mechanics and translated into technology to get their targets rightly hit.
Source: (Medieval Media, 2012)
Topographically and geographically, the French and Phillip II for that matter seemed to have greater advantage the resulted in the outcome of the attack. For example the situation of the Chateau Gaillard, which was surrounded by the great river gave Phillip II and his soldiers an advantage of overcoming the dwellers of the castle by destroying the bridge and subsequently cutting short on the movements of the dwellers of the castle (Medieval Media, 2012). Indeed, if this had not been and the soldiers had had their maximum freedom to operate, the likelihood that they would have easily fought back was higher because the attack was launched in their own territory.
Castle Battle. Battles of the Medieval World: Chateau Gaillard. Oldies Press Limited: New York. 1978. Print.
Medieval Media. Battles of the Medieval World. 2012. Web. October 22, 2012 Read More
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Medieval Warcraft Part 13 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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