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Using either Marxist or gender literary theory, write an interpretation of Hairstyles of the Damned - Essay Example

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The story revolves around the high school life of the narrator, Brian. It depicts the difficulties and choices that a punk makes while growing up in a Catholic school…
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Using either Marxist or gender literary theory, write an interpretation of Hairstyles of the Damned
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Extract of sample "Using either Marxist or gender literary theory, write an interpretation of Hairstyles of the Damned"

Download file to see previous pages This paper will assess how the Marxist theory can be applied to this theory and how it can be used to present the difficulties and events that happened with Brian; the main character.
The story is a well written novel which talks about many aspects of Brian’s life. It shows the difficulties and tough decisions that Brian takes while growing up. He is an introspective boy who thinks a lot but isn’t able to express himself. The novel talks about his love, best friend, his history project, and all his other activities that have led him to face problems. The first part of the book greatly talks about the time when Brian enters the Catholic School and is surrounded by a number of people from different backgrounds. The major difference is that Brian is into metal while his best friend, who he also loves named Gretchen, is into punk (Meno 3). However throughout the book he is trying to make his identity and adjust in high school.
In the first part of the book there are various characters introduced with their backgrounds and how Brian interacts with them. This can be interpreted with the relevance to Marxist’s theory as it describes the materialistic view of the societal development. He outlined that the societal relations are formed on the basis of materialism and economic activity in which every individual is involved (Meno 5). The first part of this novel reflects how Brian interacts with different children of different backgrounds but most of them belong to families where parents are divorced, on the verge of being divorced, or widowed. Even Brian’s parents are about to get divorced as many hints are given throughout the novel. Moreover, Brian belongs to a working class family because of which he has seen a lot of struggle and difficulties throughout his childhood. Hence, those problems greatly affect the way he interacts with his friends, his introspective nature, and his wrong decisions as just a student of high school (McKendry 1).
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