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Despite such a challenge, various possible strategies have been developed including increasing the number of servers and…
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Visual Aids
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Visual Aids of Affiliation: Visual Aids Starbucks has been experiencing increased dissatisfaction due to the long queue lines that the customers have to stay as they await service. Despite such a challenge, various possible strategies have been developed including increasing the number of servers and increasing the number of queue lines, which would ensure a faster service of the arriving customers. This is as shown in the figure below.
Figure 1
Figure 1 shows the model of increasing the number of servers and queue lines to facilitate a faster service of customers on the queues at Starbucks.
At the entry, customers make entry into Starbucks where they are welcomed by the first worker, after which they make way to the first available server.
The above operates in such a way that customers are served on the first come basis. This works in such a way that the first customer in is the same that leaves first as its ranking rule.
The second server works on a fixed capacity with no dynamic selection rule. Starting with the initial capacity of single individual, customers at served as they make entry into Starbucks with different interarrival time as the arrival mode of operation.
Once served, customers could then take their seats, take their beverages and then exit the room from the exit area, as they make way for the entry of new customers.
M/M/2 Model
Other than increasing the number of servers and queue lines as a means of minimizing queues at Starbucks, there is also another model; the M/M/2 is also effective in enhancing operations. The model works in such a way that it determines the effect of increasing the number of server to reducing the wait time that customers take on the queue, by evaluating the mean service time that each customer has to spend in the queue. The figure below shows the model and its functionality:
Figure 2
With the availability the mean interarrival time, the interarrival time per second can then be calculated.
Using the formula:
In which the values refer to
With an increase in the number of servers, the time spent by customers in the queue is then reduced considering the reduced time in the system. Read More
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