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CONDOM USE IN KENYA - Assignment Example

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Gained-framed messages will ensure that sexually active adults in Kisumu have greater adherence to the use of condoms while having sex. Visual aids should be added to the…
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Download file to see previous pages The distribution of the visual aids in the brochures will involve the use of famous Kenyan Musicians. Music has been used to create awareness on condom use in adults. The use of famous musicians will attract the attention of several adults thereby leading to increased condom use awareness to several residents of Kisumu. The awareness raising will be done through road shows and vernacular radio talk shows. Vernacular Radio talk shows will be effective in reaching adults in the remote rural areas who cannot be accessed through road transport. Importantly, local and famous musicians who understand the native language will be appropriate in delivering the message to the adults who may not be able to read and understand English and Kiswahili (national languages).
The visual aids should have the information concerning right and consistent use of condoms, consequences of not using condoms, and the perceived barriers. Members of the public must lean how to use condoms correctly. Most adults normally use condoms in the first sex encounter but later ignore the usage. In addition, women must also be made aware of their role in making decisions concerning condom use. Women must ensure that men use condoms whenever they engage in sex.
The Health Belief Model suggests that simple knowledge and awareness about HIV will not necessarily reduce risky behavior that lead to high prevalence of HIV/AIDS. Every individual must know that he or she is susceptible to the virus. In addition, individuals must learnt HIV infection is a serious health hazard, and learn the benefits of taking preventive actions. Consequently, individuals must learn that potential barriers to taking preventive action are outweighed by potential benefits (Volk and Koopman, np).
The use of local and famous musicians in delivering the message ensures that local perceptions are explained. These musicians are more familiar with the culture of Kisumu people; communication of culture bias ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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CONDOM USE IN KENYA Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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