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Should countries opt for nuclear power (please dont write anything without reading and referencig the pack provided) - Essay Example

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According to the scientific principle or energy conservation theory, the total energy available in the universe is a constant. Moreover, energy can neither be created nor be destroyed, but can be transformed from one…
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Should countries opt for nuclear power (please dont write anything without reading and referencig the pack provided)
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Extract of sample "Should countries opt for nuclear power (please dont write anything without reading and referencig the pack provided)"

Download file to see previous pages It is believed that the available oil resources in this world are sufficient enough only for a few decades more. “Running out of oil has much bigger consequences than just not being able to drive your car to work or not being able to watch TV” (McLain, 2012). Under such circumstances, it is inevitable for the world to find alternate energy sources and nuclear energy seems to be getting the first priority.
Even though nuclear energy has many advantages over other energy sources, it has many disadvantages also. According to Ewall (2008), “Nuclear power is an expensive, polluting, dangerous, racist, depletable, and now a foreign source of energy”. The waste generated from the nuclear power stations is difficult to dispose properly because of its ability to survive thousands of years, liberating harmful radiations. Moreover, nuclear energy can be misused for destructive purposes. The third danger associated with nuclear energy exploitation is the limited life of nuclear reactors and the chances of accidents. This paper argues against the exploitation of nuclear energy.
The ability of nuclear waste, generated from the nuclear power plants to survive for thousands of years and to liberate harmful radiations is the number one problem. At the same time, advocates of nuclear energy argue that the amount of wastes or greenhouse gases produced from nuclear power plants are less compared to the wastes produced by other energy sources. It should be noted that oil and coal energy are producing many types of greenhouse gases and thereby causing environmental problems and global warming. “The only realistic chance of slowing global warming is to drastically reduce carbon emissions” (Dickson, 2007). According to George Monbiot (2011), coal is 100 times worse than nuclear power. People like Monbiot believes that nuclear energy will help the world to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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