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Why I deserve an A - Assignment Example

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My daily schedule includes at least four hours for my studies. This time is spent revising and learning new concepts from class. Most weekends I find myself in my study room trying to catch up with hard concepts. Moreover, I have a weekly…
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Why I deserve an A
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Download file to see previous pages I am also allowed to borrow some materials for further reading at home, which I do without fail. Moreover, I am well motivated with my studies and I take them seriously. I am a firm believer that only hard work leads to success and I never let any chance to widen my knowledge capacity pass without utilizing it.
I am always attentive in class and pay attention to the lectures so that I can grasp every detail mentioned. I have never been too shy or afraid to consult my classmates incase am facing difficulties with certain topics. I partnered with some friends to form a study group that is very helpful. During some weekends and holidays, we meet as a group and crack all hard topics. This is useful because the team effort helps to reduce the burden of an individual mind. The brainstorming helps us to come up with great ideas which are applicable to our classwork.
I deserve an A because of the effort and time I have put on my studies. I am a hardworking student who gives his classwork priority over other stuffs. I have dedicated much of my time to my studies and I constantly consult both my lecturer and books when an issue is not that clear. Moreover, I am always careful with my work and take extra steps to ensure it is of high quality. That is why I deserve to get an ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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