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Does Charles Bukowski Deserve a Bad Reputation or Does His Work Have some Redeeming Value - Research Paper Example

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The author states that Bukowski is an author who deserves his bad reputation and whose works have a sense of redeeming value, which may not be apparent. This is because art and literature contain content that needs a critical mind to analyze, but Bukowski’s works lack on numerous levels…
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Does Charles Bukowski Deserve a Bad Reputation or Does His Work Have some Redeeming Value
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Extract of sample "Does Charles Bukowski Deserve a Bad Reputation or Does His Work Have some Redeeming Value"

Download file to see previous pages The real question is what qualifies as a part of the art, and what is bordering with the limits of that, which is acceptable. In my opinion, art may be materialized in any way, unless it does not hurt other people. Charles Bukowski, being a misanthropic person (as it seems from his poetry) crosses this line with no regret. This is inappropriate for a writer, specifically when it comes to the one who writes preferably about his daily-life experiences as Bukowski does. Thus, the works written by him deserve criticism from people, even though some of them have a few philosophical ideas. In other words, Bukowski deserves a bad reputation on him, not only for his indecent lifestyle but also for his inappropriate delivery style, in which he does not care about the words he chooses.

Bukowski’s works are worth more than they receive credit for in modern times owing to the die-hard fans of Bukowski’s works. It is irrational to give Bukowski a bad reputation based on a couple of badly written pieces of poetry and misrepresented information. His works go on and on dealing with aspects of his own life, where he puts all his cards on the table for his writers to understand. This is especially with his first four works, in which he depicts the images of his parents in a bad light, a rather brutally honest depiction of his own life (Altucher). From this image, most of his fans identify with him having gone similar experience and even being in a position to comprehend how much suffering he faced during his childhood. The main controversy is on his strong honesty based on his experience with women and the bad experiences that he faced with women. His negative depictions of women are rather rude and show a total lack of respect for the women he had relationships with considering he talks of the people he hates. This creates a depiction of him as a sexist, who could care less about women and their status in society. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Does Charles Bukowski Deserve a Bad Reputation or Does His Work Have Research Paper, n.d.)
Does Charles Bukowski Deserve a Bad Reputation or Does His Work Have Research Paper.
(Does Charles Bukowski Deserve a Bad Reputation or Does His Work Have Research Paper)
Does Charles Bukowski Deserve a Bad Reputation or Does His Work Have Research Paper.
“Does Charles Bukowski Deserve a Bad Reputation or Does His Work Have Research Paper”.
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