Phase 2 Soil and vegetation Survey report for Roudsea wood Natural reserve - Assignment Example

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It is found lying west of the Grange-over-sands, and south of the English Lake District. It has been highly valued for its unique range of native Woodland plants (Rosemould 2008). These have grown…
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Phase 2 Soil and vegetation Survey report for Roudsea wood Natural reserve
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Download file to see previous pages This paper will review the physical background of the reserve over the period it came to be a national reserve.
The climate experienced in this region can mainly be summed up in seasons. There is spring, winter, and autumn. These seasons go throughout the year where the reserve and all its habitants experience a different habitat (Hardy 1973). During some of the seasons, it is highly likely that there are different migrations of animals, and birds in the area.
The two types of rock that are present in the chemical nature of the reserve enable the reserve to have different acidic soils. Slate and limestone are the main types of rock that are present in the reserve. The types of rock have an impact on the soil composition. Often, there is a differing acidic composition. A clear topography of the reserve would be the large space of land that is covered with forest trees (Rothschild & Marren 1997). This provides for brilliant scenery. Also, the sloping cliffs present offer the natural reserve a rather varied topography.
The vegetation of the reserve includes abundant existence of fungi that have grown over the years. This is considering the climate that presents itself right through the year. Many scarce and rare plants also find their way in the reserve’s vegetation and make up for the reserves flora (Peterken 1996). The marshes present in the reserve aid, in the growth of an expansive area of rare and unique vegetation. Fungi thrives in such an environment, and hence, their abundance.
The land use of the natural reserve will remain an area that is protected by English Nature. Access is also granted by this group of conservationists. Conservation of this reserve has to be maintained for many reasons. These reasons include recreation, education, and scientific study. The conservation of such land would be beneficial in the above cases since it can act as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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