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Every human being has unique personalities and characters. The personalities differentiate one person from the rest. Some people can be smart while others are not. One can be pessimistic while the next one is optimistic. Psychologists and scientists…
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Adolf Hitler
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Download file to see previous pages People always refer to him as having been cruel and full of greed for power. Hitler promoted anticommunism and anti-Semitism with the Nazi propaganda and charismatic oratory. He became a full grown dictator between 1934 and 1934. He contributed to the death of about 11 million people with six million of them having been the Jews. He later committed suicide in 1945 together with his wife (Langer n.d.).
From Freud’s psychoanalytic perspective, Hitler’s personality molded when he was a child. Fred’s notion is that the personality shapes up during childhood. A healthy personality develops upon completion of the psychosexual stages. Some people do not complete all the stages as required leading to fixation. Hitler had rough times when he was a kid. He lost his brother eventually changing him from a happy child to a morose and sullen boy. He preferred his mother than the father. Freud suggests that Hitler may have experienced the Oedipus complex back at his childhood. It is likely that he developed jealousy to his father and sexual attraction to his loving mother. The main reason for his behavior could have been his unwillingness to follow his father’s will and revolt all his ideas. There could have been the father-son competition. Although he had a wife and many girlfriends, Hitler’s sexual orientation remains undisclosed. He could have been a homosexual while others insisted of him being a heterosexual. According to Freud’s psychoanalytic approach, compulsions and obsessions show maladaptive responses to unsolved conflicts during the early stages of development. Hitler developed the insecurity feeling from his childhood. His unstable thoughts and feelings brought the feelings of fear and anxiousness. His racial hygiene approaches reveal his compulsions and obsessions to killing and torturing others (Langer n.d.).
Another psychoanalytic theory from Alfred Adler suggests that people with a feeling ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Adolf Hitler Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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