Should 16-year-olds Be Allowed to Get a Tattoo without Parental Consent - Essay Example

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This short essay focuses on important and common problem in the modern society, such as tatooing and teenagers. Tattoo is permanent, and this is often considered as advantage, so that th researcher discusses on the topic of 'Should 16-year-olds Be Allowed to Get a Tattoo without Parental Consent' or not?
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Should 16-year-olds Be Allowed to Get a Tattoo without Parental Consent
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Extract of sample "Should 16-year-olds Be Allowed to Get a Tattoo without Parental Consent"

Should 16-year-olds Be Allowed to Get a Tattoo without Parental Consent?
Getting a tattoo is a complex and time-consuming decision which requires a lot of reflection on this topic. Tattoo is permanent, and this is often considered as advantage. Tattooing is a complex operation; it presupposes ink insertion into the layer of dermal with a tiny needle. Later this ink spreads to other layers, which leads to its eventual trapping in the boundary level of epidermis. The intrusion into the dermis layer is dangerous as it can cause infection that is why getting a tattoo requires permission from the children. The procedure of a tattoo removal is complicated and painful, and there may be scars which leave after it.
Despite the complexity and permanence of the procedure I consider that children older than sixteen should be allowed to make tattoos. First, this decision is really personal since a tattoo becomes a constant decoration element on the skin of its beholder. Children of sixteen should have learned by this time that every choice has its consequences, and there is direct interdependence between reasons and results. I suppose that no one can decide for a child who soon becomes a grown some basic things: what to wear, whom to communicate, and what to do with a body. Moreover, giving a kid a chance to choose a tattoo a parent gives him/her understanding of personal responsibility for every action. In less than a couple of years these sixteen-year-olds will enter colleges where they will have to take numerous choices, and this can be a good example of the first serious decision. At such age people mostly understand their direction in life as they are supposed to choose future profession so getting a tattoo can increase self-confidence. If a child wants a tattoo it will not take him/her much time to find the place where tattooing is done illegally (as most credible places forbid tattoo for children under 16 without parents` consent). So it is better to make sure that tattoo will be safe procedure.
Secondly, children must be encouraged to express themselves through communication, actions, involvement into art, and a tattoo can be considered as such an expression. The concept of tattoo has ancient and deep meaning as a person chooses the symbol which will accompany him/her throughout life. Tattoo acquires special symbolic meaning and influences their life of the people greatly. That is why it is important to pay attention to the form and the meaning of a tattoo and discuss it with a child and with the tattooist. Tattoo can stimulate the child to deeper self-actualization and understanding of self as it is primarily artistic element of expression. In my opinion, the task of the parents is to lead, to guide, and to advice their children before their growing up. Thus, it is crucial for the parents to discuss all the aspects of the supposed tattoo, help to choose the proper place, and consult on the possible difficulties. Parents of teenagers have to guarantee their kids freedom of choice and help them in the things which require more life experience.
So, in my opinion, 16-year-olds are mature enough to take such decision as getting a tattoo as it is absolutely personal. First, it will lead to responsibility understanding for every action and comprehending of the consequences of each choice. At this age teenagers have to choose profession, so getting a tattoo will be minor decision. Secondly, such artistic expression will help a child to understand himself/herself better and express their artistic side. Nevertheless, parents should take part in the decision-making process and help their child where necessary.
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