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I Met Someone Covered in Tattoos: Body Art or Self Mutilation - Essay Example

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I arrived late for the party on the boat, alone and nervous. I knew nobody there except the host. Looking around me I saw beautiful people, skimpily but fashionably dressed, it was a hot August night. Wearing a long tunic blouse and floor length skirt, I felt overdressed…
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I Met Someone Covered in Tattoos: Body Art or Self Mutilation
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Download file to see previous pages He was bright and funny and I found out he was a sailor on leave, a radio operator on a warship. I felt at ease, relaxed enough to ask why the buttoned-up shirt He looked at me with a mixture of defiance and shame, unbuttoned and took off his shirt. Some people, I remember, moved away and I felt somewhat embarrassed.
My feelings swung from fascination to repugnance. Fascinated because the artwork on his body was quite beautiful, from the blood red roses on each upper arm, the anchor on his wrist, to the Cross of St. George flag adorning his back. Repelled too, by the imagined pain he must have endured as the needle went in and design and color applied to a living, breathing person. I remembered hearing reports of the damage and disease that tattooing and body piercing were causing, dreadful infections and even HIV. But Steven, as he was called, had been tattooed now for three years, with no ill effects.
And then I thought, how sad that both he and I felt it necessary to hide what society might consider unacceptable. Looking around, I saw tanned, slim bodies. I perceived much adornment and ornamentation, designer clothes, sparkling jewelery, shining lips and polished nails, oh, and the hair colors had little to do with Nature! All these were not only acceptable, but desirable.
I recall feeling a spurt of healthy anger, both with myself and the 'beautiful people' around me. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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