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Tattoos - Research Paper Example

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Tattoos Name University Outline I. History and Origin of Tattooing A. Evidence of tattooing in ancient cultures 1. Samoan culture 2. Japanese culture 3. Egyptian culture 4. Samoan culture B. The purpose of tattoos as illustrating a meaning C. Forensic implications of tattooing D…
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Download file to see previous pages... Tattooing in Ancient Egypt A. What does tattooing in ancient Egypt depict? 1. Its use among different people according to age, status, etc a. Its meaning and significance b. Social and cultural implications of tattooing IV. Tattooing in Japan A. What does tattooing in Japan depict? 1. Its use among a particular group a. The meaning or theme that tattoos express b. Social implications of tattooing V. Tattooing in modern times A. Various styles of tattooing B. The people who get tattoos and the meaning they want to express C. The views of people who do not wear tattoos VI. Conclusion A. Prevalence of tattoos in different cultures B. Significance of tattooing today and in ancient cultures Tattoos I. History and Origin of Tattooing Tattooing has been used in different cultures throughout centuries and for this reason, it is difficult to track a single origin for tattooing. While there is enough evidence to prove that the earliest form of tattooing on bodies started in Egypt (Lineberry, 2007), its use has been prevalent in different cultures around the world. The practice of tattooing bodies has been present in China for thousands of years and it even spread via the silk route to other parts of China. In China, the use of tattoos was common among various tribes including Man, Yi & Yue (Reed, 2000) who inscribed tattoos as a way to differentiate themselves from the civilized people of China. For a long period of time, tattoos were considered by the sophisticated Chinese as a contemptible impression. The practice of tattooing also started in Japan particularly after repressive laws that restricted the wearing of traditional Japanese dresses thereby giving rise to highly colorful and ornate forms of tattoo designs that covered the body as though they were a suit (Franklin-Barbajosa, 2004). This form of tattooing in Japan then started to be used by underground gangsters and criminals who sported these colorful body suits of tattoos. Perhaps the longest tradition of wearing tattoos in the Pacific has been in the Samoan culture which dates back to thousands of years. The pe’a, which was a typical design of Samoan tattooing, used to be a symbol of social status among Samoan people. Hence people inscribed the pe’a tattoos on their bodies to demonstrate a particular class to which they belonged. The tattoos were marked at various places of the body including nose, cheeks, and forehead (Miles, 2001) and were worn by men as well as women. Various traditional styles of tattoos were used including tattoo bands and other detailed designs. The oldest evidence of tattooing was found in Egypt where the mummified bodies and other figurines showed signs of tattooing. Various tools were also found that are thought of as being the tools with which artists tattooed the bodies of people. The figurines also represent tattooed designs on their bodies demonstrating that real people were also tattooed in a similar way (Lineberry, 2007). Scars on the bodies of mummies have also shown tattoo patterns with unique designs. In particular, more evidence has been found pertaining to female tattooing in ancient Egypt than the male counterparts. The purpose of tattooing has been different for various cultures from status symbol to masking bodily imperfections (Zivkovic, Popovic & Nikolic, 2013). However, the commonality which exists among all of them is their ability to express a certain meaning be it social status, courage or identity. II. Tattooing in Samoa Samoa has been greatly ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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History of Tattoos/Body Art
One of the themes that emerge from this list is the concept of the group and the concept of belonging. Whether executed as a sign of compliance or a sign of defiance, the tattoo has typically been associated with some kind of socially relevant meaning.
8 Pages(2000 words)Research Paper
Tattoos and Body Piercing
According to the paper the trend of decorating the body through tattooing or body piercing has always held a controversial status in societies all around the world. Some people who are against any notions of self-harm treat it as a vengeance and disregard its existence while those who are pro-freedom of expression accept it actually. Body art has blending in as another trend or style statement that individuals take up to identify themselves in the crowd or to reaffirm their personal meaning.
5 Pages(1250 words)Research Paper
Tattoos. Cultures that Use Tattoo and Methods of Tattooing
Over the years, body art has greatly evolved into forms like piercings, face painting, and even full body painting. A very common form of body art is the art of tattooing, which has become increasingly popular. It is estimation that “more than 10 million people in the United States have tattoos” (Keller et al, 2001).
3 Pages(750 words)Research Paper
The History of Tattoos in the USA
A tattoo is a pattern that may or may not be permanently imprinted upon the skin using ink. The word tattoo is derived from “tatua” which is a Tahitian term that means “to mark” (United States Tattoo). Tattoos have long been an insignia of fashion in numerous cultures and society in the past. Permanent tattoos are carved into the skin using needles.
9 Pages(2250 words)Research Paper
Body art: Electronic Tatoos
Thanks to the life monitoring equipment that is integrated into your skin, the team has been summoned, and they are able to administer the necessary drugs only minutes after your heart begins to show signs of distress. Lying in your hospital bed you reflect that it is perhaps time to consider having the latest phone or GPS system installed.
5 Pages(1250 words)Research Paper
Technology in Tattooing: Now and What the Future Holds
This practice was carried out in both the North and South America. There was a routine tattooing of the face and body through bare pricking by many Indian tribes and in California, some tribes put in color into pricks (Steward 98). For many Arctic and Subarctic tribes especially Inuit, and also individuals in Eastern Siberia, needle perforations were made and a string covered with color, mostly soot, was pulled through beneath the skin.
5 Pages(1250 words)Research Paper
Find a Local Newspaper Article that is Related to HR Management
According to the paper in the corporate world one major element is self presentation as this can make a positive impression on the client. There is a general conception that a person’s efficiency can be judged by his or her appearance, and accordingly HR managers try to impose dressing codes on employees. A person’s attire can actually determine his status and success in the corporate world.
3 Pages(750 words)Research Paper
The Effects of Tattoos in Human Sexuality
After that, reasons why people go for tattoos are given, and in the end, sexual significance of tattoos will be discussed in the contemporary popular culture. Tattoos used to be the body properties of sailors,
5 Pages(1250 words)Research Paper
Side effects of tattoos
The paper presents tattoos as immensely harmful to the physical self of a human being. In different nations, there are different regulatory authorities that regulate different cosmetics. In the case of tattoos, there is a lack of regulation and people may be subjected to injecting inks that contain materials that are harmful to their physical health.
2 Pages(500 words)Essay
Cosmetic mutilation
465). He says that piercing and tattooing the body has become so common in the society. This is true because people have stopped following the Christian ways. Christian rules are harsh and strict in a way.
3 Pages(750 words)Research Paper
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