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It deftly argues that the 20th century has seen a major revolution of the food industry in more ways than one. The days of purchasing the locally grown…
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Peer Review
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Book Report Review Article Article I is a well laid out argument that centers around the ‘Disconnectedness’ between the consumer and the producer. It deftly argues that the 20th century has seen a major revolution of the food industry in more ways than one. The days of purchasing the locally grown farm fresh food, cooking at home and maintaining a healthy diet are all a thing of the past because giant corporations have forced themselves into the food markets and presently dominate the whole food industry. The sources are well knitted together, with each idea being explained in a new paragraph without being in anyways redundant. The information or data collected for this write up comprises of both scholarly as well as web related material, but the matter was put together in a very comprehensive way, which makes it easy to understand without being repetitive.
Article II
Article II speaks of the challenge that faces society where a sustainable food system is concerned. It highlights the fact that a sustainable food system not only reflects our personal health, but the health of a society in broader terms. One of the important initiatives in this respect would be ‘Urban Gardening’ which would be more costly, but very environmentally friendly and would serve to keep global warming and other bad effects under control. The sources are mostly scholarly, but the ideas could be arranged in a much clearer manner by putting the same themes or topics spoken of in separate paragraphs. Though the data gathered is fairly wide, yet better transition is required in order for it to be more effective. The sources are focused and have a lot of strength, but there is a slight hint of redundancy. Read More
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Peer Review Book Report/ Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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