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Consider the problem of global warming in todays society, and suggest solutions for the prevention of continued global warming - Essay Example

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Both these problems have caused a net increase in food and energy consumption and a disruption of the natural environment.
Possible solutions to…
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Consider the problem of global warming in todays society, and suggest solutions for the prevention of continued global warming
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Extract of sample "Consider the problem of global warming in todays society, and suggest solutions for the prevention of continued global warming"

Download file to see previous pages throughout its history and most of the changes have been due to the changing orbital pattern of the earth and changes in the amount of solar energy received by the earth. However the present increase in global warming occurring within the earth is also a result of increased population growth, urbanization and other human activities. All these have caused a net increase in the amount of greenhouse gases which is believed to the major causative factor for the increased warming in the earth (National Aeronautics and Space Administration, n.d). While these changes have necessitated the implementation of suitable policy changes, the global economic crisis and other special interests have nearly halted the progress towards framing such a policy. Devising such a plan, would involve the combined efforts of both governmental and non-governmental organizations for their inputs about possible calamities and in specifying the resources required in the wake of such a crisis.
Urbanization and population growth: A principle contributing factor for the rise in greenhouse gases is man-made activities through urbanization and the rapid rise in population growth. Urbanization has had a profound effect on the environment worldwide as it has caused changes to the land, water and atmosphere. The number of people living in urban areas has tripled over the years and studies estimate that more than half the world’s population will reside in urban areas in the next few years (Torrey, 2004). One of the major contributing factors for the rise in urbanization is the population growth which has shown an exponential increase over the past 50 years (Little Flower, 2006; World Population Growth, 2004). This increase as well as migration of the world population will have an effect on the natural environmental resources owing to the increased consumption of food, energy, water and land. It has increased the air, water and noise pollution levels and other phenomena such as global warming which is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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