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Relate the discipline of linguistic study to either a selected advertisement or a choice of sports commentary/column - Essay Example

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This discourse aims at evaluating the relationship between linguistic studies and football commentary putting into perspective the analysis of the affluence of linguistic analysis in relation with football commentary. Combining linguistics and football brings out interesting…
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Relate the discipline of linguistic study to either a selected advertisement or a choice of sports commentary/column
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Download file to see previous pages However, football vocabulary entails many texts including spoken commentary and written reports disseminated daily and describe occurrences. Linguists continue to develop vocabulary from the myriad events. A professional soccer game anywhere in the world turns out as an important an activity through the airtime it receives in the public media as well as its presentation. The media makes it possible for people to share football events across the globe. The media offers various forms of football commentary to satisfy different needs of people in different parts of the world including information and entertainment. The different ways include carrying out interviews with players, football officials, professionals, experts, coaches, and live commentary.
In some contexts, people tend to question regarding the quality of post-match interviews with players conducted by journalists. Critics question the use of unclear language, empty mechanicals, failure by players to give straight answers, misleading questions from journalists, and inadequate questioning. Football commentary as well as football interviews, are a rich source of linguistic vocabulary exploited in a humorous away that also creates entertainment to the listeners and viewers. Interviews in football commentary are not a reserve for linguistic studies because it also takes place in other disciplines such as media and sports studies. The disciplines assess the quality of interviews in the commentary, application of metaphors, and the general structure employed in the interview. Among other features, linguistics studies investigate the language of football, the relationship among characteristics of the interviews, the expanded special context, online commentary, and quality of the commentary.
Linguists hold that the language of football entails football terminologies at the foremost. Various linguists present different articles that describe ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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