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The goal of the present assignment "Methodology of Writing a Persuasive Essay" is to briefly discuss how to approach the writing of a persuasive essay. The writer outlines the structure and general directions for laying out arguments in the persuasive essay…
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Methodology of Writing a Persuasive Essay
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Persuasive Essay
Persuasive essay is a creative writing that also known as an argument, which is used to convince the reader about writer’s point of view on any subject. It varies from everyday opinions to controversial topics. I appreciate Theresa’s effort on writing an essay.
Writing persuasive essays is not difficult at all because I believe that simple and appropriate use of the vocabulary is more important than focusing on various arguments. The sentence structure should be precise and persuasive so that the message is conveyed in an effective manner that will make the audience accepts the opinion or idea. While writing a persuasive essay it is necessary to put forward the strongest points that support your ideas, explaining your view with strong facts. Moreover, design the introduction in a way that attract the reader’s attention and provide the sufficient information over the topic. The paragraph must end with the statement that clearly defines the main idea or point of view. Divide an essay into different paragraphs and make sure that each paragraph supports the main idea. You should provide each paragraph with various examples and evidences that prove the argument. After making the supporting points, write a paragraph that precisely explains and disapproves the opposing idea. Once it is done, then move ahead towards the conclusion. In conclusion, reaffirm the main idea and points that are been made in support to the main idea. Conclusion should reflect the succession as well as the significance of the argument. Make a strong point in conclusion that will leave the audience connected and persuaded to the topic. By considering, all aspects that are being discussed above, effective persuasive essay can be written easily. Read More
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